Wednesday, April 1

Life Update

Just a quick update on our lives right now.

Ty is applying for a one year fellowship in minimally invasive surgery. It can be a stressful process to apply, get interviews, decide where to interview, arrange travel and be gone for interviews while working 80 (or more!) hour weeks. I am so proud of how many interviews he has gotten. As it is time intensive and expensive to travel to all of the interviews, he has turned down half of the interviews he has received, and will be or has gone on 12. It is a match process and I'm praying for guidance as we select how to rank the programs. We will find out the middle of June (right around my due date) if and where he matched. If he doesn't match, then we will begin the job search process. Obviously, Ty wants to do a fellowship, but I don't think there will be a huge amount of disappointment about going straight into a job. Either way, he still has year five of his residency training to complete. This means if we are doing a fellowship, we will have a whole year to prepare for a move. We are both excited about the possibility of a year long adventure outside of the state of Oklahoma, where we have both lived our entire lives.

I am 29 weeks pregnant. I haven't done monthly updates like I did with Jack. This pregnancy has been so similar to my experience with Jack and in many ways has been easier. I never got sick, just nauseous, with Jack and this has been the same, but better. Maybe because I was more willing to take medications to help with nausea this time around. I have had a good appetite the entire pregnancy which is leading to more weight gain this time. There was some concern with Paxton's growth not being where it should be, but that has all worked itself out and has been attributed to something going wrong with my placenta. But as my doctor loves to tell me the placenta renews like 3 billion cells a day or something crazy like that and has recovered. I'm getting extra ultrasounds just to make sure everything is right on track. I certainly don't mind that! With Jack the 3rd trimester was the hardest part of pregnancy and I'm starting to remember why. It is just plain uncomfortable. I carried Jack really high, but with Paxton everything is really low. Some of my favorite under the belly maternity pants can't be worn this pregnancy, because of how low everything sits. The low bands seem to cut into me. The most uncomfortable thing so far has been a rotated pelvis. It causes a lot of pain in my right groin area and I have to be careful about doing too much physically and then doing something simple like standing on one leg to take off a pair of pants. It's too much pressure and pain.

Picture taken at 28 weeks

I wanted to document how Jack sits on top of my belly, but the black didn't show it the best. 

Jack talks about Paxton being in my belly and we talk a lot about Paxton's room. He definitely notices my growing belly. It's hard to miss these days! Jack is full of energy and is talking so much. He does a good job of using sentences and has been saying the funniest things. He is pretty into telling you that you are his best friend. We have been enjoying the nice weather and are trying to burn some of his energy with walks/runs.

I'm trying to soak up the time alone with Jack. Things are so easy with him and I'm relishing in these last months of no diaper bag and being able to leave the house on a whim and without much planning in regard to schedules, necessities, etc.

Dinner Date

Sesame Street Live

Zoo visit

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