Monday, April 27

Coffee Couples Shower

My little brother is getting married in a few weeks and we traveled home to host a shower for him. The lighting made pictures a little difficult and I crossed through most of the invitation, but this will still be good for my memories. :)

I timed the trip home with Jack's nap time. Ty had to drive separately, because he had to come back early on Sunday to fly out for an interview. 

Both of our parents held Easter celebrations a week later to include us. Jack, Mason, and Blakley decorated bunny and egg shaped sugar cookies. (Jack wore this bike helmet almost all Saturday morning.) 

My brother, Derek, recently took up carpentry. He offered to make a small side table for Paxton's room. I can't wait to get the finished product put in the perfect spot in the nursery. 

Holding Blakley and Mason's new puppy, Charlie!

 Golf cart ride at Ty's parents' house

Between two egg hunts, Jack came home with quite the stash of candy! It was an extremely busy weekend and I ended up keeping Jack home from daycare on Monday. The boy slept a lot and definitely needed a day of rest!


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