Tuesday, March 31


I try to keep a running notes page of cute and funny things Jack says or does and do one big update on here every six months or so. This story was one I didn't want to forget.

Jack is now sleeping in his big boy bed. We still rock him at night, but him in his bed before he is fully asleep. (Really, thinking we need to invest in another chair--one for Paxton and one for Jack.) When Ty is home Jack clings to him and insists that Daddy rocks. Ty has been gone a lot for work and fellowship interviews, so when he is home Jack is his constant companion.

Ty rocked him last night, put him in bed, and shut the door. He paused outside the door and immediately heard rustling. He opened the door to have Jack get back in bed and Jack was standing up, leaning against the side of his bed. Ty told him he needed to get back in bed and Jack responded by saying he was just talking to Jesus. Bless his heart! So, Ty told him to finish his prayer. "Dear God, Thank you for Mommy, Daddy and EMMA!" (Emma is his best friend at school.) Then Jack jumped back into bed. Silly, sweet boy!

I don't think he is old enough to be sneaky and use prayer as an excuse, but either way it worked. Haha.

These pictures aren't from last night, but from several days ago. Jack woke up in his bed in the best mood.

Jack is telling Nuts he can sleep on this pillow. 

Jack: March 30, 2015; 2 years and 9 months

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