Saturday, March 28

Big Boy Room

In preparing for Paxton's arrival, we knew we needed to move Jack out of the crib and transition him to a bed. I was not excited about this. Jack did great in his crib, but we didn't want to spend money on another crib when it wouldn't likely last long with Jack sleeping in it. But the idea of new big boy bedding got me on board!

Last weekend, Jack woke up and said that he didn't like his crib anymore. We took that as a sign to switch out beds and not wait any longer. Since we are losing our guest room with the addition of Paxton, Jack got the queen size guest bed. The room arrangement is a little odd with french doors and the short wall behind his chair, but we are making it work. We basically pretend there aren't french doors in the room, so Jack can't sneak outside. He was pretty excited about all the new bedding and new arrangement in his room. He has slept a week in his bed and it is going better than I could have ever imagined. I hope I'm not jinxing us!

We still have our rocker/recliner in Jack's room, but it will eventually move to Paxton's room. I also need to move some of his wall decor around, but who knows when that will happen!


  1. Very cute! Cooper did much better with the transition as well. I really thought it was going to be tougher than it was.

  2. Looks so great!! I love how you hid the doors. M is still in her crib too and I know we're getting close to needing a big bed, but I just don't want to do it!

  3. Also...I love baby boy #2's name :)


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