Sunday, January 4

Our Christmas

We started our Christmas celebrations off by making a trip to see my Grandma and Nanny for a Christmas breakfast followed by a Christmas lunch. It was a busy day with lots of family.

The week of Christmas started off by visiting The Christmas Train. It was so fun to visit an old West Christmas village and to ride on the steam engine. We also got to go to a private room and meet Santa. Jack loved every minute of it and kept saying, "This is awesome!" At one point, he said, "This is my favorite. I love it so much!"

We had our little family Christmas Monday morning before leaving the next day to go to our hometown. Jack was so excited about each present that he unwrapped. Ty and I loved his enthusiasm!

Nuts likes to think the sleeping bag was his gift.

Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve with Ty's family

This was Heather and Jesse's year to be gone, so this is all the cousins except one (and two babies on the way!) I'm so happy that our kids and Heather's kids will be so close in age!

A 15 week bump picture by the tree

Christmas day at my parents' house.
Jack's expression in this picture cracks me up.

Next year we will have a six month old to add to the mix!

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  1. Jack is so cute! That sleeping bag looks so cozy!


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