Wednesday, January 7


I love my sweet boy! We were headed to pick up some dry cleaning after work/daycare on Monday and Jack kept saying he wanted to go to the store. I finally asked him what he needed to get at the store. He told me, "Flowers for Daddy!" I couldn't say no to that! He then told me, "Blue ones! Daddy likes blue."

I'm not sure where this came from, but I thought it was so cute. Unfortunately, Ty didn't get home that night until after Jack was in bed and is always gone before we wake up in the mornings, so we had to wait until Tuesday night for Ty to thank Jack for his flowers. Jack was so proud of them and just beamed when Ty told him how much he liked them.

There weren't many blue options, but these hydrangeas do have some blue on the tips.

Getting a non-blurry picture of Jack these days is nearly impossible. 


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