Monday, January 5


Thanks to a great OB resident we were able to go up to the hospital 
the week of Christmas and find out the gender. 


I am so excited to be having two boys.
 I see lots of trucks, dirt, superheroes, and rough housing in my future! 

I went out on Monday and got a bouquet of balloons to take to Ty's parents house as a way of sharing our news. Jack was pretty excited about the balloons! And I'm sure equally excited about a baby brother. ;)


  1. I'm so excited for you! Having a brother will be so much fun for the boys! I hope the seasons and sizes work out that you can use Jack's clothes for little brother because he is the best dressed little guy!

    I know siblings are awesome no matter what but I sort of wish Blaire could have a sister and Nash could have a brother. But 4 isn't happening! ;)


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