Wednesday, July 9

July 2nd

The day my sweet baby was born! I took the day off and planned some fun things for us. Last year, on his first birthday I went into his room when he woke up with a balloon and sang Happy Birthday to him. I wanted to make it a tradition and Jack loved it!

We started our day off by going to a berry farm to pick blueberries. It took awhile for Jack to decide to actually pick blueberries. He just wanted to run and go see the cows, but he eventually got the hang of it.

Sampling the goods!

Got a sour one!

As we were walking to the cash register, Jack picked up a big stick. Cooper, the dog, wanted the stick too! They played tug-of-war for a bit. 

Saying bye-bye to the big tractor!

Decorating birthday cupcakes

We snacked on a lot of blueberries. They were so good!

Sprinkler fun after naptime

I bought these beautiful candles at a boutique in Stillwater. A 2 for Jack and a C for my best friend's birthday, which is the day before Jack's. They are Tops Malibu sparkler candles.

Time for presents! You guys, I am beyond proud of the train table pictured below. This was a project I took on by myself and it turned out just like I wanted. 

Ended the day with a turquoise bath using fizzies, aka colored bath tabs that we gave him for his birthday.

My original present idea was an actual train table, but after deciding that it was just too big and would take up too much room I decided to make one that could slide under our couch and fit on top of our coffee table. I read a few tutorials on Pinterest and asked my Dad for advice. I got lucky and he had a piece of wood that he cut to my dimensions and my Mom brought it to me when she was up here visiting last. I debated on painting it green for grass and making a blue pond, but ultimately decided that I wanted something a little more classic. I used leftover stain from our front door, but first had to use wood filler to fill in a few spots. I taped off the road and used chalkboard spray paint. I bought a spray can of polyeurathene to protect the stain and wood glue to glue down the tracks. The tracks are Melissa & Doug. Jack had a small circular track, but whenever we played with it all he wanted to do was take it apart. I wanted to glue these down, so I wasn't having to constantly put it together. I used a chalkboard paint pen to make the white dashes on the road. Overall, it was actually a pretty easy project! Especially, since I'm not experienced at all with doing this type of thing!

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  1. Love your train table! Great idea and so perfect that you can move it around! I took off last year on Emmy and my birthday and loved having that special day with her!!! :)


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