Friday, July 11

baby shower

I had so much fun putting together a baby shower for a coworker. Maghin's husband started residency two years ago and brought them to this city. We work closely together and have a ridiculous amount of things in common. I'm not sure how I would survive the daily grind without Maghin! I have been blessed to work with wonderful people in a great work environment for so many years.

She is due with her second child in August and has a little boy who is three. Claire's nursery is pink and navy with a few elephants scattered about. I love pink and navy, so it was an easy choice for her shower! I tried to keep things somewhat simple, so others in the office wouldn't think I was totally crazy. :) I had so much fun designing all of the paper items.

I snapped this picture before everyone had a chance to add their presents.

I had so much fun putting together my present for Maghin and Claire!

I couldn't commit to one design for notecards, so I included both.

the office

Now we just need baby Claire to arrive!


  1. What an adorable shower! Did you make all the paper products too? You're so talented!!! And that gift basket was awesome. I'm sure your friend felt oh so loved with all you did for her!

  2. The navy and pink theme is absolutely beautiful!! And the elephant is so sweet!!

  3. How adorable!! Great job, girl. And goodness I don't even recognize that place! It looks SO different and I can't figure out where you guys are in the pix. LOL!


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