Tuesday, June 24

Rx Sunglasses

I had lasik in college and it was life changing! It was absolutely amazing to roll over in the morning and see the alarm clock clearly. Then, along came Jack. I'm totally blaming pregnancy for my vision problems. I squint a lot, because I refuse to wear my glasses full time. I definitely need them on when I'm driving and trying to find a place that I'm not familiar with--as in I can't read the street signs! I finally bought a nice pair of prescription sunglasses a few months ago after lamenting about the price. With a toddler who likes to grab at my glasses and who likes to climb and explore all over the front seats of my car, I was worried about spending a lot of money on something that could be so easily broken. Then, I was contacted by Firmoo.

Firmoo's aim (aka mission statement) is "Vision and Fashion the Frugal Way." I love that! They were kind enough to send me a pair for free, but their prices are extremely affordable with most being $39!

I chose this pair: 
Don't worry, I took an awkward selfie for you to see the glasses on my face, but accidentally deleted the head on shot when deleting pictures in mass from my phone.

The one problem I have with ordering glasses online and not being able to try them on first, is I have a small, narrow face. Most glasses look huge on me, including all the cute, cheap ones from Target. Woe is me.

They are a little big for my face, but will be perfect for driving around town and for the lake or beach. At $39 I also won't be paranoid about losing them on vacation or a little boy breaking them.

Firmoo made ordering the glasses extremely easy and provided clear instructions on how to enter in my prescription. They also offer a photo upload service, where you can "try" on the glasses. This company definitely meets it's mission statement!

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