Monday, April 21

Easter Weekend

We went to our hometown Friday and Saturday to spend time with our families and meet our new nephew, Archer. It was full of non-stop fun, including all night Friday night. Jack woke up at midnight wide awake and asking for Nuts as if it was 6 am. The kid thrives on routine. If he doesn't get a good nap, then it almost always guarantees a bad night. You would think he would be so tired that he wouldn't make a peep all night, but nope.

We spent Friday with my family and the kids spent the majority of the day outside playing.

Nothing like a little ring pop bribery to get them to all sit in one place for a picture.

Sand box fun means these boys got a bath! All clean and watching YouTube videos.

We spent Saturday with Ty's family and again spent the majority of the day outside. It was a beautiful weekend.

We went to the Rattlesnake Festival, which is a small town festival centered around, you guessed it, rattlesnakes. It was pretty exciting growing up and Ty and I hadn't been in years. We stayed long enough to consume a funnel cake and roasted corn and for Grammy to buy Jack a toy snake as a memento.

Another round of egg hunting about to begin!

Things are always a little chaotic with all these boys and as we were leaving I realized that I didn't take a single picture of baby Archer! I tried to snap one as we left, but it didn't turn out. He is a sweet, little nugget. Jack was pretty indifferent as he just wanted to play, but he did walk around saying baby.

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