Saturday, March 22

My Sous Chef

I used to love baking on Sunday afternoons, but really haven't consistently been able to since I was pregnant with Jack. I didn't have the energy and didn't have a big craving for sweets. Those that know me well know that had to be an insane pregnancy side effect for me, as I have a big sweet tooth.Then, once Jack was born there was always something else to be done. Ty was off last weekend, the house was clean, and I had my little helper--the perfect combo for baking on Sunday.

Jack is very interested in helping me in the kitchen. Although, part of it may be that he loves to stand on the step stool. It is fun and a little stressful to have him help! On Sunday, we baked strawberry muffins and a chocolate chess pie.Yummy!


  1. Love these sweet pics with that cute boy! I want to get M a toddler learning tower so she can cook with me. They're at such a curious age!

  2. Yum! Jack needs to come to my house and bake ; )


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