Tuesday, July 16


Ty's residency schedule can be grueling. He is such a hard worker and never complains. Me, on the other hand, I may complain about it. :) Some months are harder than others and I just miss him. He will work 24 days in a row this month and some of those days include 30+ hour shifts. In an effort to focus on fun and not missing Ty, I declared last Saturday "Jack & Mommy Day." Obviously, Jack could have cared less, but it was a way to distract myself.

Morning walk through the neighborhood

Jack's first sno cone!

He loved it!

A trip to buybuyBaby

Grocery shopping at Target wearing his new shoes and using his new snack cup

Keeping busy while I put away groceries

This is from Sunday morning. As soon as he was done nursing, he brought me his new shoes to put on. He walked around the house, occasionally stomping in them. I think it's safe to say he loves them.

I bought cherries at Target and Jack loves them.


This weekend Ty's mom and niece are coming to visit. Jack loves playing with Lillian! I think we are planning a trip to the pool and lots of playtime. It will be a fun time!


  1. The shoes! Where did you buy? :)

    1. They are from buybuyBaby. The brand is iPlay and I think they have them on Amazon too. They are rubber, kinda like crocs, and are really lightweight. I've wanted them for a long time, but Jack was too small for the smallest size, until now!


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