Tuesday, December 11

The Proof is in the Pin

I have been wanting to link up with Sarah's monthly post for a while now. I finally had a chance to follow through with one of my pins and actually blog about it. Unfortunately, my project was somewhat of a fail. Just wait, you'll see what I mean.


I fell in love with this chalkboard/wreath combo. I had been wanting a boxwood wreath for a while, but couldn't bring myself to pay for one. I found one at Lowe's this year for around $30 and I plan to use the wreath year round. 

Here is my version for Christmas.

I bought a chalkboard marker ($4), a discounted frame ($8), and foam board ($5) at Hobby Lobby. I practiced writing "joy" several times with the chalkboard marker. My last practice one was perfect. Then, I wrote it on the board that I spray painted with chalkboard paint. AND the result says "jay."
Wonderful. I put it up on the mantel hoping I was the only one that saw "jay" instead of "joy."

Now that it is all done I wish I would have just bought chalk and not the chalk marker. The whole board needs to "chalked" up and the marker wrote more like a paint marker. I wanted it to have a more chalk like texture.

Ty sent me this text the next day. 
(He was on nights, so he saw it the next day after I was already at work.)

So, apparently I'm not the only one that sees "jay." Maybe I'll actually fix it before next Christmas, but for now we wish you and yours a jayous holiday season!


  1. I love it! And so typical that the husband would notice something like that and send you a text. ;)

  2. Super cute and such a great deal! Love the stockings too, they look very similar to the one's I have from Ballard Designs.

  3. This is awesome and would totally happen to me!

  4. I'm laughing so hard right now! That is too funny. TOTALLY something I would do!

  5. Hahaha!! I am CRACKING up at that text!! Totally something Patrick would do. Aside from that, I LOVE it! The concept is adorable and that wreath is amazing. Thanks so much for linking up friend! :)

  6. I seriously laughed out loud at Ty's text. Hilarious. And I think it looks so cute!

  7. This is hilarious. I love the idea/pin! Maybe you can just recover it in chalkboard paint and try again?? :)

  8. That is so funny! I think you've got a simple fix available by just adding a loop at the top of the A/O to connect to the Y - maybe then it will look more "o" like??

  9. hilarious! and something i would totally do. :)
    for future reference, i've always found that things i paint myself w/chalkboard paint i have to use regular old chalk or else it won't erase. if it's a chalkboard i've bought and is "professional" the markers work just fine and erase no problem.

  10. I LOVE it!!! I really want to make one now!

  11. First time commenter. Love your blog. Jack is so cute. :)

    I think you could fix that. Just make the little loop-y thing in the "o." It's really cute, though. Love the idea and love the stockings. And you can tell your hubby that he used the wrong "your," so it must run in the family. :) LOL.


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