Monday, October 8

weekend in review

This weekend was a cold one, and I spent the majority of it cuddling with Jack. He had a rough week (and weekend) sleep wise, so I napped a lot on Saturday in an attempt to catch up on sleep. Ty had to work a 24 hr shift on Saturday, but we were able to visit him that evening. Those visits are always crazy, since he has to answer pages while we are there. Jack and I hung out in the on-call room and watched tv.

The weekend wasn't exciting or event filled, but two whole days of spending time with my baby was perfect.

Dinner Friday night. Jack was a little shocked by the flash!

Bundled up on Saturday morning 

Visiting Dad at the hospital 



  1. Yay for Jack pictures! I can't wait to see this little guy over Thanksgiving weekend. I also love your leopard scarf. Where did you get it? I have been searching for one.

    1. The scarf is from J.Crew. The factory store has a similar one right now for about half the price. They also have free shipping going on. It is much cuter in person than it looks online.

  2. He is changing so much! You look beautiful, and his face in that last picture is so precious!!


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