Wednesday, October 24

Halloween Printable

I love this free printable from How Does She?  I printed mine and hung it last night.


I love the idea of adding pictures from each Halloween. How Does She? has circles with the year on it for several years to come and for past years. 

I attempted to get a good picture of Jack in his Halloween costume. This is what he thought about that idea!

I just had to include this picture on my blog. The two blonde boys are Ty's brother's boys, Nathan & Wade. Mason is my sister's little boy.
They have play dates all the time. I love that they like each other so much! This almost makes me want to move home, so Jack can join in on the fun.


  1. I just about died seeing that picture of Jack... what a CUTIE!

  2. Jack in the costume is hilarious! We would LOVE for you to move back :)

  3. love that printable!! haha and sweet Jack! That is pretty fun! maybe he will warm up to it :)


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