Thursday, September 13


  • I go back to work on Monday. I love my job, but I am going to be so heart broken to leave Jack.
  • I want to go fall clothes shopping so bad, but I am still losing the baby weight. Fall is my favorite clothing season.  One thing I can purchase now and not have to worry about it fitting in a few months is a leopard scarf. I'm on the hunt for the perfect one. 
I love this pairing. 
  • I have a great pair of brown boots, but I can't help but want another pair. I love these Frye boots.

boot melissa

  • Ty is taking off work tomorrow and I can't wait to have a long weekend together. Residency has been really tough lately, and with the addition of Jack I feel like Ty and I are strangers. We don't see each other much, and I miss him.
  • Watching these two together makes my heart melt. It doesn't matter what they are doing, even if Ty is having to read for a case the next day, I just love seeing them together. 


Poor Nuts has been kicked out of the coveted study buddy spot. For old times sake:


  1. I broke down and bought the Frye Melissa Button boots last Fall and they are so, so worth it. Investment, staple piece. The leather breaks in so nicely and they are already soft and buttery after just one season. Just cleaned/stain repelled them for this year- can't wait for our weather to cool off so I can wear them!

  2. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE those Melissa Boots, but I have such a problem paying that much for something. They're so cute though....

    Good luck at work next week!!

  3. Little Jack is such a cutie!I just bought a new leopard print scarf at F21 for like $7. Also, you can get real leather boots that look just like the Frye button boots at Target for $70 and they also have buy one get one 50% off right now, I bought the cognac and black last fall and love them (just a thought).

  4. I keep seeing posts this evening of boots! Now ya'll are making me want a new pair and I was perfectly content with the ones I already have ;)
    I hope your transition back into work goes well. Have a wonderful long weekend with your adorable family!! :)

  5. I love the boots in your picture!! I've been dying to find a pair but can't find one I just have to have. The hunt is on! Good luck at work - his baby blues are just gorgeous.

  6. I can't believe Jack is getting so big!! He is such a cutie!

    And you have me going boot crazy this morning.

    Have a lovely, relaxing weekend!

  7. I bought my mom the cutest leopard scarf two seasons ago in the Dillards junior department!! I think it was copper key?? I've been on the hunt for it ever since but haven't found it! Good luck!

    Jack's adorable!

  8. Jack is so so so cute!! It looks like his hair is getting longer, too! How fun!! I think our little Jack is going to be a baldy forever. ;)

    Good luck with your job on Monday!!

  9. I love the Frye boots!! I also love the pictures Of Ty and Jack together. I can't believe how big he's gotten, but he's still so little. *LOVE* Miss seeing your face! =)

  10. Where did you get the boots you're wearing in the picture of you and Ty? I love them!! :) I have some boots, but I really want another pair as well!

  11. I love ALL the pics! I wore soo many scarves post preggs! ;-) They cover up the tummy and look cute :) I hope y'all are doing well!

  12. @Anonymous
    My boots are Steve Madden "Intyce".


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