Friday, August 24

It's a Breeze! (giveaway)

My sister let me borrow her pack n play, so I did not register for one. It is a nice one with a changing table and bassinet that vibrates and plays music. Since Jack came early and unexpected I didn't have time to get it set up before we went to the hospital. My mom and sister set it up for me before we came home. I was pretty happy about this. Anything to avoid putting together another complicated baby product. We used it the first night and then moved to Jack to his crib. It was big and in the way, but I waited until my mom and sister came back to visit several weeks later to have them take it down. I just didn't want to devote the time to figure out how to take it apart. I knew it wasn't something that I would try to set up again, so I sent it home with my sister. 

4Moms, the maker of the mamaRoo, has a new product coming out in September, and I was lucky enough to be sent the Breeze to review. AND they are giving one away to a lucky reader!


I pulled it out of the box and started setting it up. I didn't even look for the directions. It was easy peasy! Seriously! It took less than five minutes and there was no cursing or crying involved. It was a Breeze. ;)


 It opens or closes in just one step.  Just push down on the central hub to open and pull up to close - the latches are automatic and there's no tricky sequence of steps.  Also included with this full-size playard are a removable bassinet, a portable changing pad and a convenient travel carrying bag. It is a great quality product. I love that they didn't put a design all over it and it doesn't scream baby.


Jack is a lot more alert and loves to lay down and stretch out. The Breeze is the perfect place for him to do this. I can get things done in the kitchen, etc and don't have to worry about a certain little dog licking him. I can easily take it down and put it away when I'm ready. It will be great to travel with and I won't have to worry about taking an instruction manual with me to figure out how to set it up. It also won't take 20 minutes to assemble. I was going to make a video to show y'all how easy it is, but that would require this new mom to take a shower and get dressed. :) Instead, I'll share one from 4Moms.

 I'd say it is Jack approved!

To enter to win a Breeze of your own follow the rafflecopter instructions below:

The giveaway ends Sunday night at midnight.
Pre-order the Breeze here.


  1. oh that looks easy! while we're not having babies yet, all of our friends are so I'd love to win it to keep at our house when they visit!

  2. no need for the pack n play but your little one is precious!!!!!

  3. I love this giveaway! I've been following 4moms and their new products for awhile...and really wanting to splurge in one for our new little one arriving on January!

  4. How cool! That one looks so handy!

  5. just watched the video on their website - can't believe how easy it opens and closes!

  6. Hate the pack n play, but I really want one of these!

  7. I LOVE it!!! It looks so amazing and so easy to set up!
    annamie2 at hotmail dot com

  8. This would be awesome for our house! The fold and open are so easy!!

  9. I would love to use this for our new baby in January! I love 4Moms!

  10. I am such a fan of this! Seriously would love to win the Breeze!

  11. Love it already. The color is beautiful :)
    I follow them on facebook as Ps Mamae btw... I don't think it went through in the entry.

  12. I never enter giveaways, but this was too appealing to pass up! We have a Mamaroo & it has been a lifesaver in the 2 weeks that Blaire has been born. Jack is adorable. Still such a tiny boy!

  13. New follower! Your little one is precious!
    We didn't register for one because we thought it would just take up room and my parents have one, I regret it and am now in the market for one. I really hope we win!

  14. How great this looks from the video! Would love to have it for baby number 2 coming in January!

  15. Oh my!! More pics of sweet Jack, please!! He is so adorable and looks like such a happy little guy!!



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