Tuesday, May 15

pretty papers

I had several people ask me how I made the hostess gifts for my shower at the school.


I designed them in photoshop and then printed and cut them all at Kinko's. I did the same thing for my hostess gifts at my shower a couple of weekends ago. I made them all labels to use on gifts, food, etc. I bought sheets of sticker paper and took them with me to have them printed at Kinko's. I also gifted them all with pashminas--my favorite scarves to wear.


 A better look:

 One of the only lullabies I know is You are my Sunshine, so I knew that I wanted to incorporate it somehow into the nursery decor. I'm doing a navy, green and light blue theme, but I think the pop of yellow on the wall will be a fun addition.
This print can be downloaded for personal use only. I had mine printed on 8.5x11 card stock at Kinko's.

I actually made this one first, but it wasn't quite what I was going for in terms of decor.


  1. So cute, you should sooo sell the stationery!!

  2. You are so talented...And your hostess gifts are great! Jack's teachers are gonna love you!

  3. I like the cards you gave at both showers, but oh my gosh I am head over heels in love with the ones that are multi-colored!!! You are so talented at all of that! Great job!

  4. All of your paper products are so cute!! I bet your hostesses have loved them all!

  5. You are a fabulous little designer lady!!! LOVE my goodies :)


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