Monday, April 9

Bumpdate: 25 weeks

25 weeks

How Far Along: 25 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 14 lbs

Maternity Clothes: ALL maternity pants. Dresses are now mostly maternity. Mostly regular tops with a few maternity mixed in.

Gender: Baby boy: Jack!

Movement: He moves so much! I know I don't have anything to compare it to, but I feel like he is moving all the time now. He's all over the place too. Today I felt him move almost right under my breasts. I didn't even know he could get up that high!

Sleep: Sleeping through the night except for bathroom breaks.

What I miss: Nothing that I can really think of this week.

Cravings: Cereal is the most consistent thing. I have enjoyed a lot of Lucky Charms this week.

Other crazy symptoms: I feel like this list grows every week. Have I mentioned my fuzzy stomach? It's covered in blonde peach fuzz. Some sciatic pain, general growing pains, etc. Still have strong pains at the top of my uterus. Sometimes the pain is an awful burning sensation. The urge to go to the bathroom can come on strong! I can only imagine what it will be like the bigger he gets.

Best Moment this week: I love, love feeling Jack move, but it is even cooler when I can actually see him move. I love watching my stomach ripple and jerk with his movement!


  1. As always, you look adorable! Such a cute dress :)


  2. Awww, you look so good and so beautiful! It is amazing seeing and feeling them move! Happy 25 weeks! :)

  3. love that he's so active! maybe we'll get a kick or two out of him at the shower :)

  4. You are SUCH a gorgeous preggo. Definitely a poster-girl for baby-makin.

  5. Gosh you look beautiful! I love that dress too!

    I loved feeling P move and watching her little limbs poke my belly!

  6. You look so great Lindsey! Cutest pregnant woman ever!

  7. So cute! Where did you find your dress? I need some good dresses for work and you're about 11 weeks ahead of me!

  8. I'm so excited!! You look GREAT!

  9. You look so great! Seriously, fabulous! Every woman hopes they'll be only belly and that is you to a T. Lucky lady! Glad you and Jack are doing well!

  10. You are growing so much! You must come visit before BABY JACK (WOOHOO for it being official to call him by name) is here!

  11. i love your dress!!! you look so good lindsey. i can't wait for baby jack to arrive :)

  12. I've been out of the loop for a while.. you look fabulous! :)

  13. Yay! Congrats on the baby boy:) you look adorable!


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