Tuesday, April 3

Bumpdate: 24 weeks

24 weeks

How Far Along: 24 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 14 lbs

Maternity Clothes: ALL maternity pants. Dresses are now a mix of regular and maternity. Mostly regular tops with a few maternity mixed in. I discovered maternity undies at Target and they are the best things ever. My regular ones fit, but the maternity ones are incredibly comfortable!

Gender: sweet baby boy!

Movement: The last few days he has been so active. I love it!

Sleep: Sleeping through the night except for bathroom breaks

What I miss: Squeezing through small spaces. I apparently think I'm still skinny and try to squeeze past people, doors, etc. I've acquired a couple of bruises, because of this.

Cravings: Fruit, mexican food, cereal, strawberry lemonade.

Other crazy symptoms: I'm still having gallbladder pains or fundus pains. I traveled to DC with a 4th year medical student this week who explained to me about my fundus (top of the uterus) and placenta, yada yada. I can't keep up with those medical terms. :) But the good news is that it may not be my gallbladder, but the pain is in that same area. The pain isn't constant and I can't pinpoint anything that brings it on.
Sweaty palms and feet. Yuck. Faint linea nigrea. The urge to go to the bathroom more and more. I can tell when he has positioned himself lower. Overall stamina is lower.

Traveling to DC for four days wore my body out. I felt like I could barely move several hours after I arrived home. It was a stressful week, then top it off with traveling and all the walking you do in a big city, my poor body was just done.

Best Moment this week: I attend national work meetings twice a year. The last time I saw these people was right before I found out I was pregnant. It was exciting to see them six months later and have them be so excited when they saw I was pregnant!


  1. You look great! These updates have been fun to read. Have a good rest of the week!

  2. You look fabulous! Are you in DC twice a year? If so, we should meet up, that's my adopted neck of the woods. : )

  3. You're such an adorable pregnant lady :)

  4. Whoa adorable preggo belly!! I cannot handle it, you are too cute!!

    Not that I'm jealous or anything.

    Maybe a little bit.


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