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Registry Questions

I have a very kind sister, who is letting me borrow whatever I want of hers. I will use her pack and play, high chair, bumbo, swing, bouncer, jumperoo, etc. It is so nice to be able to borrow things that he will only use for a short time.

We will be going to register soon and it is still overwhelming, despite what I am borrowing from my sister. I have a couple of big items picked out that I want, but would love to get some opinions on them or any other must have item.

I have read a lot of reviews on the Britax B-Agile stroller and I am leaning toward it.
It is pretty light weight as far as strollers go, extremely easy to fold, has a huge sun shade, reclines almost flat, and steers great. It is extremely easy to use with the Britax infant car seats, but I found that I like the Graco infant seats the best. Luckily, you can buy a converter piece to accommodate a Graco car seat. (The Graco seats are easier for me to carry.)

I want to have a video monitor and I'm not sure if there is much of a difference between the Summer Infant monitor or the Motorola video monitor. I am worried about the wifi interference. Has anyone experienced this?

I have heard that Medela is definitely the go to brand for pumps. Anything special I need to know about them?

What other items are must haves? If you wrote a post about your favorite baby items, please leave me the link. I would love to read over it.

I came across this post that lists registry posts the writer found helpful.


  1. My twins are only 4 weeks old, but these are the things we have used a lot. The Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleeper...they nap and sleep in this often. It is much smaller than a pack and play, so it's easier tobmove from room to room. Also, a white noise machine is a must. We could not live without ours. Last, but not least, the miracle blanket or some type of swasdle. My babies like it tight, tight, tight.

  2. I also use the fisher price rock and play. It easier than a bassinet and travels great!!!! Also don't forget to register for bigger baby items like cups,bowls,spoons and such. And maybe a carrier. I have a front carrier and love it

  3. I'm sure you'll get lots of suggestions, but a few of my favorite things were Aden + Anis muslin blankets (so expensive, SO worth it!), infant gowns (make middle of the night changes MUCH easier, and swaddling will keep them warm), and a good carrier. I have a moby and an ergo. Like and use(d) both often, but I will probably try out a K'Tan next time to possibly replace the moby. If you have friends with various carriers, definitely try them on and even throw a kid in there to see how it feels!

  4. We have the Summer monitor you've got pictured, and we haven't had any problems with wifi interference. It's so nice to be able to SEE the baby, rather than just hear him.

  5. for some gear like swaddling blankets keep your eyes peeled on They have some awesome stuff and can score it for usually 1/2 price!

  6. Ooh, I love making these suggestions! I can't speak to the stroller, but I too love my Graco Snugride carseat and find it easy to carry, even now that my babe's 18 pounds. I adore my Summer Infant video monitor and would HIGHLY recommend it. I have never had interference problems. And the Medela Freestyle was probably my best baby purchase, especially now that I'm back at work and pumping twice a day at work. While not all insurance policies cover it, I would call your insurance carrier and see if they will cover part of the cost of your breastpump - mine covered 90% after meeting my deductible, which I met by having the baby! While a lot of items are really parent- and baby-specific, these are items I feel comfortable recommending to each new mother. Let me know if you have specific questions on these items or any others!

  7. I have a one month old so all if this is fresh in my mind. And I just started pumping this week, so that's really fresh. I purchased that pump and it's going well. I would highly recommend a hands free pumping bra. It's difficult to hold both bottles without tilting and turn the dial on, much less read, text, or do anything else while pumping.

    Our little boy and my husband and I prefer blankets for swaddling. We tried miracle blanket and swaddle me and they just didn't work for us.

    A lot of people rave about Rock and Play and we probably should have bought one. We got bassinet for free from husband's sister. Baby has a mild reflux (ped said all babies do) and we have bassinet up on books to keep slanted. Rock and Play would be better.

  8. I loved my Madela breast pump, it's the best! I recently did a registry faves post and I think it's on that list you posted! But just in case, here is the link:

  9. I can only imagine all the things that one needs for a new baby! I can't give you any suggestions on any of these things, though. :) But I'm starting my list for my sometime soon baby!

  10. Ditto the rock n play sleeper. Thatcher slept in that until he was 5 months!

    Also, with monitors, we had to try 3 or 4 until we got one that worked in our house. So my advice is just to pick one, set it up and then see if it works. Hard to predict if you will have interference or not ... only setting it up and testing will tell.

    I would wait to buy a pump until you are sure you can / will stick with nursing. Reason being they are pricey pricey and you really don't (and shouldn't) use them in the very beginning ... you will primarily be nursing the baby to establish your supply for the first few weeks, and they give you a hand pump at the hospital (or mine did) which was more than sufficient for random times I needed it. I actually didn't open the Medela one until the week before I went back to work. Take that advice for what it's worth but just in case you don't like nursing or whatever, you may want to wait on that purchase and use the $300 towards something else.

    I cannot say enough good things about the Chicco KeyFit 30 car seat and now we have the Recaro "big boy" car seat. We also LOVE our OXO Sprout high chair but I wish I had registered for that and some baby feeding items (my brain wasn't past the first 3 months but they start needing spoons and cups before you know it - just a thought!)

    Hope that helps!

  11. Loved my Medela pump that I borrowed from a friend, and am planning to use it again with Rhett! I like that all the Medela products (bottles, etc.) are compatible with the pump. We used a Bob Revolution stroller, a Chicco Keyfit 30 carseat, and did not use a baby monitor because our house is tinsy (although I do think a video monitor would be fun now that R is older and I want to see what he's up to in there!). The only other big favorites I had were the miracle blanket for swaddling and the Moby Wrap!

  12. on the pump... I have medela and love it. I have the one where the machine isn't connected inside the bag. Therefore, I can set it up on my night table, etc. I'll send you a link! I got it a burlington and we used a 20% off coupon

  13. I have only commented a time or two, but I found this video monitor on amazon, and it is AMAZING!!! It's super on sale right now, but you need to read allll about it! We love ours. There are so many fancy things about it, you will just need to read all about it. But, for starters you can have up to 4 cameras hooked up. It is color, LCD monitor. Easy to see baby day and night. As your baby grows, you can talk through the monitor (tell them to get back in bed, etc...without having to go in there). We love ours! You should check it out!

  14. I have the summer video monitor and I love a video monitor, BUT, if I was to choose all over again I would look for something different. The batter had to be replaced from a recall (it expanded and some actually exploded) and even with a new battery it doesn't last very long unplugged. Also, it does interfere with our wifi and we typically turn it off if we are sitting with it and need to use our iPads. I never have it in the office with us anymore, but when my daughter was smaller I did, and it would stop the internet connection altogether. Perhaps they've improved, as mine is now two years old. Just my two cents!

  15. Thanks for writing this because you encouraged me to (FINALLY) finish my baby gear post.

    As for the monitors, we have the Summer Slim & Secure and love it. We've never had any problem with Wi-Fi interference.

    I have the Medela FreeStyle pump and recommend it highly. It's small and lightweight. If you're planning to breastfeed and will go back to work you'll be using the pump all the time. Having something easy to transport is such a plus.

    That's so great your sister is sharing her baby gear! You use most of it for such a short time - it will be great not to have to buy and store all of that stuff!

  16. I have a 4.5 yo daughter and 12 week old twins. We have the Britax B-ready (can accomodate two seats) and LOVE IT. We have one Graco seat and one Britax seat. The Britax seat by FAR is much heavier. I would do Britaz stroller/Graco seat IMHO.
    Miracle wrap worked great for my daughter, these boys hat to be swaddled.WE have the muslin blankets too which I think work awesome for lots of things.
    I have tried several carries and I actually like the Moby the best this time. The carrier is for sure personal preference and some of them can be really hard to use if you dn't have practice.
    I agree with others on the rock and play. We have not used our pack n'play once with these boys. We even registered for and got a special twin pack n' play this time and it has never been out of the box.
    If you do not use cloth diapers:
    This is really personal preference as well but we did not get a Diaper Genie the first time around or with these boys. We have a Diaper Champ which is more like a trash can with a roll top lid. I put these baking soad drop-ins in the bottom. You can use any kind of trash bag with it. Some people may LOVE their Diaper Genie but I thought it was a total waste of money.

  17. First, your "Sharing the News" post was priceless and I cried as I read it. LOVE!
    As far as registry is concerned...we have the Summer video's the very base version though, and has been fine, but with our next we are actually going with the IPhone compatible video monitor, so we can see sweet one anytime!
    As far as carseat is concerned, I went with the Maxi Cosi infant seat and now have graduated to the second stage car seat - this is the Priori. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I will never use anything else. I chose, initially, to buy the Maxi Cosi because it was the easiest infant seat for me to carry. They are super easy to wash, highly rated for safety, easy to put in and take out and not HUGE! Just a thought. But I say, you are a smart gal, go with the one that is Easiest for you to carry!

  18. We have a three month old boy, so we are just getting to use some of the toys and things. We have the Britax B-agile stroller and so far I love it! It is compact, easy to push and opens/folds easily. My one complaint would be how the car seat releases from it, but it probably is different with a different car seat. Our favorite toy so far is the bouncer- he lived in it for the first month or so. We just took out his exersaucer and he loves that! The rest of the things you plan to get all look great! Have fun!

  19. I know nothing about any of these things, but when I need to know I am coming your way!! :)

    One of my BFFs has that stroller and she loves it. I do know that!


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