Monday, March 26

Bumpdate: 22 & 23 weeks

22 weeks

23 weeks

How Far Along: 23 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 12 lbs; I seem to be gaining a pound a week, which makes me somewhat nervous! I didn't think that was supposed to happen until the end.

Maternity Clothes: ALL maternity pants. Dresses are now a mix of regular and maternity. Still regular tops.

Gender: Baby BOY!

Movement: He gave me a good punch the other day & Chesley got to feel him. But everything is mostly still soft. He is pretty active!

Sleep: I'm starting to need more and I'm ready for bed earlier than I was a couple of weeks ago.

What I miss: I can't actually think of anything.

Cravings: Fruit, mexican food. We went to the movies on Saturday to see The Hunger Games and Ty got a Dr. Pepper. It was the best Dr. Pepper I have ever tasted!

Other crazy symptoms: Slight swelling in my fingers and feet. It is going to be a long Spring/Summer! My shins are getting cramps, oh and my gallbladder too. I didn't even know where my gallbladder was until Ty told me, but that is definitely the area I get cramps in. It is the strangest thing. Shortness of breath. General stretching/growing. I think this little guy likes to sit on my bladder.

Best Moment this week: Getting ideas finalized for the nursery. The crib has arrived, but hasn't been put together yet. I also ordered the glider last week and it will take 8-12 weeks. It feels good to have finally made some decisions on things. His room will be light blue, apple green and navy.


  1. I also had some issues with my Gallbladder. Not fun.

    You look great lady.


  2. you look great!! so cute. did you like the movie! loved it loved it!

  3. His room sounds adorable! Can't wait to see pics of your ideas!! You look adorable as always!!

  4. Love the colors you've chosen for the nursery- such a good combo! And don't worry about weight gain- I'd actually heard that weight gain was at its highest in the 2nd trimester, and then slowed down for the 3rd, but I was a slow gainer in the 2nd and have put on a lot more this trimester. Every woman and pregnancy is different and I think it all evens out in the end. You look fabulous:)

  5. You look so great!! I am in the same gallbladder boat - NOT FUN!!! Take care!

  6. YOU ARE RIDICULOUSLY CUTE. I am sitting at work, drinking a coke, looking at your blog, and I actually had the thought, "I wish I was pregnant and cute like that!" ha. Mark better change the password on my blog account or we are gonna be in trouble! (-:


  7. Oh my goodness!! Congratulations! I JUST got caught up on your blog. I haven't visited since the twins were born but over the past few weeks ive tried to catch up on a few blogs. Just saw that you're preggo and having a boy!! You're going to love it!!

  8. If it makes you feel any better, I gained a pound/week my second trimester, but when I hit the third it slowed way down. After 30 weeks I kind of stopped gaining. My son kept growing, but he started stealing weight from me. I'm very small so it was very hard to eat much after 27/28 weeks. Anyway, I wouldn't worry. From the pictures, you look great.

  9. can i just say that you have the prettiest hair!


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