Friday, March 23

home for the weekend

Ty and I went home last weekend. It was a long overdue trip and we hadn't seen anyone since Christmas. Our sweet baby boy was given several gifts; all of them adorable! I downloaded an app called, Gift Log, to start tracking gifts. I love that it allows you to take a picture of the item. My SIL, Sarah, made these adorable burp cloths for him and I'm in love with the embroidery she did on the linen one.

We went to Lucas' soccer game on Saturday. Watching a bunch of 4 year olds attempt to play soccer was cute and hilarious! Not the best picture, but I couldn't see my phone screen very well in the daylight.

My sister and her husband went to the city to celebrate his birthday and she asked if I would want to keep Mason during the day. I can never say no to that! He came to the game and had so much fun. He and Lillian bonded over some grapes.

Finally fell asleep from all the morning activities! The way he naps in the car cracks me up!

I didn't get a picture of Nathan and Wade, but we saw them Saturday night. Things are too busy when all the kids are together for many pictures. :)
This picture is framed in Ty's room and I just love it. I hope baby boy gets some curls!

Ty and I both took a vacation day on Monday. Although, he was assigned a presentation over the weekend and spent the majority of the day working on it. Boo. He did make some time for me, such a good man. These presentations normally take him at least 2 weeks to prepare for, so I was thankful for the time he spent with me. We got my car windows tinted and registered for the baby! We are 99.9% sure on a name and I can't wait to share it. It was so much fun to hear our families use the name and I even got a cute video of Mason saying the name.

It has rained quite a bit here and that combined with the warm weather is making for a colorful spring. I had lunch at one of my favorite spots, Stonehorse, on Tuesday and loved looking out the window at the wisteria.


  1. How cute is that dachshund embroidery?! All of your nieces and nephews are so cute! Can't wait to hear the baby's name!!

  2. I wish we had made it to the soccer game!

    The wisteria is amazing...

  3. Wow! That's outside Stonehorse?! I can't believe I missed that today when I was running errands in Utica! I saw the tulips but missed that! And LOVE those adorable burp cloths!!

  4. I can't wait to hear the name!


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