Saturday, February 18

Valentine's Celebration

Ty was around a lot more in January due to his Radiology schedule, which got us itching to take a trip. We decided that a big trip wasn't feasible time wise and money wise, so we started looking at an overnight trip or a weekend trip somewhere close. We have been wanting to go to a Thunder game and decided this was the perfect overnight trip. The only game that worked with Ty's schedule happened to be on Valentine's Day.

I got up early and bought Ty donuts and sausage rolls for breakfast before we left for the city.

We had dinner at my favorite mexican restaurant in Bricktown and then headed to the game. The restaurant served heart shaped sopapillas in honor of the day.

I worked for the New Orleans Hornets in college while they were displaced to Oklahoma City after Hurricane Katrina. My old boss and a couple of the people I interned with are now working for the OKC Thunder. Kasey and Jason had it arranged to say Welcome Baby K... on the jumbotron! I was so excited to see it up there on the big screen!

The next morning we walked around the OKC bombing memorial. It was a tragic day for our state and the memorial is a beautiful tribute to those that lost their lives.

The inscription that circles the Survivor Tree reads: The spirit of this city and this nation will not be defeated; our deeply rooted faith sustains us.

We ended our trip with cupcakes. There is a really fun cupcake bakery/candy store in the area called Pinkitzel.

They sell really cute gifts and I drooled over this party bunting.

My strawberry cupcake was really, really yummy!

It was really nice to get away even if it was only for one night. We had a great time together!


  1. Sounds like a fun getaway. So cool to see that message on the jumbotron! And that store looks Fabulous!

  2. Glad y'all got a chance to get away together! Your cupcakes have me craving one now :)

  3. I was hoping you snapped a photo of the jumbotron welcome!!! Would that even have showed up on camera? Sounds like a wonderful little getaway!

  4. Sounds like a nice little trip. Sometimes those are the best.

    I haven't been to OKC in a long time. I went to college for a year and a half in Edmond. I rarely cross the red river anymore. :b

  5. Why in the world have I never taken the time to go in is so stinking cute! Next time I'm there I will be stopping in for sure! Glad you had a fun little getaway and Baby K was even welcomed!

  6. fun fun!! I love pinkitzel! and I need to know where you got those sausage breakfast rolls!


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