Monday, January 23

Bumpdate: 14 weeks

I didn't think I was going to have a photo for this week, but then I remembered that I snapped this one with my phone. My first time to show the bump off at work. :)
With Ty's schedule he leaves before I'm out of bed & gets home after me. The first thing I do when I get home is change into comfy clothes, where you can't see the bump. He had to work a 24 hour (plus) shift on Saturday/Sunday, so no picture.

How Far Along
: 14 weeks

Total Weight Gain: 3 lbs

Maternity Clothes: I'm in an awkward stage of my regular pants getting uncomfortable and maternity clothes being too big. Still wearing the bella band.

Gender: ???

Movement: Not yet.

Sleep: I still like to go to bed around 9-9:30, but I have a lot more energy now.

What I miss: Feeling skinny. :) I have a small bump, but I feel more chunky than pregnant. It probably has something to do with nothing fitting the way it used to, but not being able to wear maternity pants yet.

Cravings: Still nothing real strong. I'm kind of disappointed by this. I thought I would be having weird, off the wall cravings. haha. I have been really hungry this week and can't even make it through the night without waking up and getting snack to tide me over.

Other crazy symptoms: I am still experiencing headaches and sciatica pain, but not as bad as last week. I can tell my belly is stretching and growing by the weird pains I've been having. They aren't really pains, though, just uncomfortable.

Best Moment this week: Having enough energy to work out three times!


  1. Love that cute, tiny bump!! I think you still look QUITE skinny!

  2. I had horrible headaches around 14 weeks too, along with the round ligament pain(growing pains). It was awful and a bit scary at times, but it only last a week! And all was fine! :)

    You look fabulous! :)

  3. you are still so tiny but I understand the feeling of just not feeling yourself.

    I also hoped for crazy cravings and have yet to have any. I'm lucky to find something I want to eat.

  4. Wow, you look great! So exciting.

    Where is your phone cover from? I love it!


  5. you are so teeny and cute as a prego! im sure one day ill be a giant balloon!

  6. I always hated the chunky stage! I wanted a sign that said "I"m pregnant, promise!" :) But you look adorable!

  7. You look wonderful - teensy tiny! But it is hard not to feel like yourself, and the in-between stage really sucks! I feel like it usually takes a while with 1st pregnancies too... I look back on like my 20 week photo and remember thinking that I looked so big and now I realize I still pretty much just looked like I drank too much beer! That cute bump will pop though!

  8. You look fantastic! Totally with you on the change into comfy clothes the second I'm home from work. I even invested in maternity pjs because they were so much more comfortable- and have maybe one actual pair of pjs pre pregnancy!

  9. your little bump has grown!! too cute! glad you are getting some energy back :)

  10. Worked out three times?! You go girl! You look fantastic!!! :) I like that you're disappointed by the cravings thing. I would be, too! I want to crave something crazy!

  11. I hope you get some really strange cravings soon, just for the fun of it! Glad you have some energy back...oh and way to go on working out 3 times!!!

  12. Way to go on the working out!! You look great!

  13. You're looking wonderful, momma!!


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