Sunday, November 13

fun, fun, fun

Ty was on call this weekend. When he first told me he would have call weekends, I thought that meant he would wear a pager all weekend, but still be with me for the most part. NOTSOMUCH. He worked all week, all day Friday (obvs) and all night Friday night getting home on Saturday after 12:30. That one long shift! He had the rest of the day Saturday to recover and then worked all day today. Poor guy is tired! I heard two great compliments about Ty on Friday from two different students, saying that they had heard how great of a resident he was and how nice he was. Made me swell with pride. :)

With Ty on call this weekend, I made lots of plans. I hosted a Scentsy party through Megan and had several girls over--Jane, Lynn, Ashley, Katie, and Chesley. We had SO much fun! I promised I would share a couple of recipes that I made for the party:
Chili's Chicken Enchilada Soup and Fruit Salsa. (I didn't make the cinnamon chips. You can buy cinnamon pita chips at Target.)

My mom, sister and Mason also came up this weekend. I meant to have my mom take a picture of all of us girls at the Scentsy party, but alas I forgot. Don't worry there are plenty of pictures of Mason!

Testing out the sink in my laundry room:

I love little ones in their jammies.

Such a good little shopper

We rented the stroller from the mall and the steering wheel kept him somewhat entertained.

He wasn't so sure about the carousel at first, but then he loved it!

I'm so glad they got to come up this weekend!


  1. Ohmygosh I love it! I have been wanting to buy scentsy! Is the party still open online?!

  2. It was so fun to come over on Friday night! LOVE your new house! And I am dying to make the fruit salsa. Amazing.

    And Mason could not be any cuter! What a sweetie!!!

  3. Thanks so much for having us over! I loved your house. And what a perfect use for that sink! :)

  4. Weekend call is the worst. :( Looks like you had a fun weekend despite that! Looks like you're getting settled in to your new house...I meant to comment when you first posted pics -- it is beautiful!



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