Sunday, October 23

I went to a wedding this weekend for a sweet friend from college, Joy. When I decided to transfer colleges after my freshman year, Joy was one of the first people Ty introduced me to. They had become friends through church and he just knew we would be good friends. Joy is one of my most kind and genuine friends and I was so happy to be there on her big day. Unfortunately, Ty had to work this weekend and had to miss the happy event.

Ready to be carried down the aisle by the ring bearers and flower girls

The ceremony
Joy had her sister stand beside her at the altar and James had his dad stand beside him. I thought that was so sweet.

Joy had special ladies from her life bring a few desserts as a way to be a part of the wedding.



The ring bearers and flower girls, along with the bride all wore toms. The flower girls wore silver sequins ones. So cute and so Joy!




Several of you asked where I got the templates for the covers of the recipe binders I made. I actually designed the covers myself in Adobe Illustrator. Thanks for all the compliments on them!


  1. Joy is a beautiful bride and this looks like such a sweet wedding! Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

  2. I love the old typewriter and the family wedding photos! Such a sweet touch.

  3. What beautiful details!! I am completely in love with all the fall wedding stuff I've been seeing all around lately!

  4. Lol. I know Joy... well, kind of. One of my best friends from college is Allison Gentry, and she is a really close friend of Joy. I saw pics from this wedding on Allison's facebook this weekend. Small world.


  5. What a pretty wedding! I really like that cake! Makes me wish I could have another wedding, what with all the fabulous ideas I keep seeing!! Thanks for sharing!


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