Wednesday, September 7


Ty and I love to be near the water. It can be a lake, river, ocean, whatever. We love it all. The water has a calming effect on us and we would love to own a lake house someday.

We took a drive Friday evening to a lake near us and had a picnic.
It was such a relaxing evening.



Ty worked a 24 hour shift on Saturday/Sunday and had to work on Monday, so I was on my own for the weekend. I went to see The Help with Ashley and Jane. The book is my favorite and the movie was so good! The movie really did the book justice and I don't say that very often about books made into movies.

Jane and I stopped by Jessica's to see her new house. It's perfect for their family! Then, I picked up dinner from Pei Wei and ate at the hospital with Ty.

The temperatures really cooled off on Sunday and I'm loving it! The highs this week are in the low 80s. On Monday, I went to the zoo with my aunt, cousins and their little ones. It was a gorgeous day.

I finally figured out the fishtail braid!
It took a lot of youtube videos and a tutorial from Megan's MIL, but it finally clicked. I don't know why it was so difficult for me.
Thanks for all the comments on my vlog! You guys are so sweet. My favorite comment was from my SIL: Nathan and I watched this and he is loving it! He is like, "I want to see Aunt Lindsey talk!!" I love my little nephews and niece!


  1. I freaking love your fishtail braid!

  2. Jeals about the cool weather!! Love your braid, fabulous! And where did u get the green cardi? Can't find it anywhere!!

  3. Cute braid! And you look so good in green! Remember our matching green coats??? :)

  4. oh, I'm about to watch your vlog!!! The temps are awesome! We aren't getting out much, but really enjoying it when we are! I WANT TO SEE THE HELP!!

  5. So glad I got to spend some fun time with you! :)

  6. looks like you all had a great time! I love the water too!

  7. All of your cool weather outings sounded and looked like so much fun! love the braid, so pretty! and I love that you got dinner and ate at the hospital with Ty, so wonderful!

  8. That first pic is so pretty and LOVE the braid!!! :)


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