Tuesday, September 20


I went through my closet several months ago before my mom and Ty's mom had their own garage sales. I got rid of a lot of things, but not enough. You know those items you just can't get rid of for whatever reason...I seem to have an abundance of those things. It is time to purge.

These jeans are in excellent condition and I love the color of them, which is probably why I have held onto them for so long. They never really fit me right.

Citizens of Humanity, Ingrid, sz 27
$65, free shipping!



Please e-mail me at sweetsimplicityblog@gmail.com if you are interested in purchasing.


  1. Girl, if I could fit into those I'd take them just to say I could! :)

  2. I'm probably going to have to sell my 27s after these babies lol


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