Wednesday, August 31

Hellooooooo September!

I realize that it is not technically, September yet, but just go with me here. The way Ty's first year of residency works is you do 6 months of your specialty (surgery) and 6 months of off service specialties. In July, he was on internal medicine. In August, he was on internal medicine nights. The WHOLE month was nights and he worked his last night shift, last night, so to us it is now September. :) He did get two weekends off, but he spent the majority of that time awake when I was asleep and then asleep when I was awake. It was hard for his body to adjust in that short time period.

This has been a long month for both of us. I would rush home from work to make dinner and see Ty for 30-45 minutes. He worked 13-14 hour shifts and tried to sleep during the day. He was exhausted and our time together was not always quality. He worked 12 shifts in a row, before any time off. I am so impressed with the way he handles being exhausted. I think I would cry every day and unfortunately, make those around me miserable. He always makes time for me and I'm so grateful for that.

I have turned down hanging out with friends, so I can spend time with Ty. I think that most of them understand how important it is for my marriage. I hope that people don't get discouraged by my doing this, and then stop inviting me to things. Divorce rate in residency is extremely high and we are making our marriage a priority. This may mean that I have to rush home from things to spend just 20 minutes with Ty or I have to turn down fun opportunities, because he only gets one weekend off and I want to be there for it. In our situation, we have to make all of our time together count, because we may not get that time again for a long while. Sheesh, that sounds dramatic. But it's true!

I could write for a while on the amount of stress Ty is under or the things I'm doing or not doing, to survive residency. It is only month two of residency and we have a long way to go. I'm so thankful that he is in the same city as me and he is safe. I always think of the military families when I complain about this season of our lives. I know things could be much worse, but I also want to acknowledge the things we are struggling with in our life. I hope this post doesn't sound like a pity party. I just want to remember what this time of our life was like.
I'm also not writing all of this down for sympathy, although I will definitely take it. Just kidding! :)
Nuts and I have been keeping each other entertained in the evenings. One night it was actually cool outside and I took a towel out to the backyard to read and enjoy the weather. I've been keeping Ty entertained at the hospital with pictures and texts.

I got an iPad at work and I'm so excited about it.
Nuts and I were playing around with the photobooth app.
If anyone has any good suggestions for a pdf viewer app that also let you annotate the pdf, please let me know!


  1. I love hearing that you are making your marriage a priority during these trying times. [Since I'm in the same resident wife boat] I know how hard it is to juggle the random scheduled shifts and long away periods. Sending positive thoughts your way!

    As for PDF annotation, try Adobe's iAnnotate. Once you learn the navigation, you can save to a account and much more. I think it works really well.

  2. The first year is truly the worst...but honestly, after finally graduating from Clints 6 years residency, I can say from the heart that it flies by! Keep being supportive...Ty probably needs it more than he's saying! Great job :)

  3. Ohhh your hair looks super pretty in that second picture, I love it! And don't worry, I think you and Ty will make it through residency just fine, you are both great people who love each other enough to put your marriage first and that's the most important thing!

    your friends will understand, and if they don't... they aren't very good friends. : )

  4. I laughed when you said you would cry if you were working that much. I would totally be the same way!!! Hope this month is better for you!

  5. I'm glad you're making your marriage a priority! Also, thank goodness for people like you who can handle being so supportive and understanding. Seriously. I could never do what you do. Hopefully I"ll be off this weekend so we can do The Help!

  6. Happy September to you both! It sounds like you two are doing everything in your power to make the most of this difficult time. Hang in there! Ty is so blessed to have such a supportive wife.

  7. Yet another reason I wish you lived in my neighborhood. Me and Weebie would have kept you company on those lonely nights. And I know how lonely it is!!! :(

  8. Hope you guys can squeeze in more time together! I know how I hated it when the hubs and I were on opposite schedules! Love the picture of you and Nuts- super cute :)

  9. I know how you feel...bleck!!

    Crystalle has been using an iPad app called "iAnnotate PDF" and has really really liked it. It's less than $10 and does a whole bunch of stuff. Just a suggestion!

  10. You look gorgeous in the pic of you and Nuts!

  11. Soo... you are freaking gorgeous. Just sayin!

    And I think it's awesome that you're realizing what it takes to make your marriage a priority. Hard, but so important!

  12. Ugh... that sounds rough. I know you guys will make it, though! Just think, you are 1/6 of the way finished with this first year already!

  13. ugh, stay strong girl. it will totally be worth it! i can't believe he has to work 12 shifts in a row, that is brutal. i recently worked 6 and thought i was going to die.

    i know how hard it is to be away from your husband and feeling like you have to spend every spare minute with him - it is totally worth it.

  14. Hang in there!!! I got an iPad for my birthday and I LOVE it!!!! Hubby says I need to get a holster for it b/c it's with me all the time haha : )

  15. you look so puurrrty! I love your hair!


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