Wednesday, May 4

Clothing Sale!

Please let me know if you have questions about an item:
E-mail me to purchase and item and I will send you a paypal invoice. $3 shipping on all items.

Dress from my sister's wedding. Worn only once!
J.Crew Chiffon, size 0, $45
this picture represents the color the best.
LND wedding 009

close-up of the top:

SOLD Yellow silk Target top: Merona, size XS, $12
worn only once

SOLD Berry dress from Target: Merona, size 2, $12
never worn

Blue chiffon dress from Target, Merona, xs, $12
worn only once. the waist has a wide elastic band to help accentuate your waist. a bow ties to the side on the neckline.

SOLD Nude beaded top from Express, size S, $20
Gorgeous top! worn once.


  1. Do you still have the berry dress from target?! Perfect for upcoming graduations!

  2. I may be interested in the blue chiffon dress. Can you send me an message with the length?

    Mrsburchett (@) yahoo (dot) com

  3. i love them all! Makes me wish I was a XS/S! even more so then I already do haha


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