Friday, April 29

Friday Randoms

How cute does my nephew look in the little sunnies I bought him?!

They are baby sunglasses, but still look a little big for him.

My new Easter wreaths bought at 50% off after the big day.

I'm all about stocking up for next year's holidays when everything is on sale.

I love it when you order things and they come wrapped up all cute.
sweet lulu
Supplies for Ty's graduation party from Shop Sweet Lulu. They have the cutest things!

I made Symphony Brownies for my student workers' last day in the office.
I'd say they were a hit.

Have y'all tried the Twix ice cream bars? I bought them at Target a few weeks ago. They are only 90 calories and oh so yummy!
This is the only picture I could find online, so excuse how tiny it is. I could eat the whole box in one sitting and probably would if Ty wasn't around to witness it. Why did I have to discover these things on his vacation month? haha.



  1. They look like little baby ray bans.

  2. Twix ice cream bars? I have to get some!

  3. Such cute packaging on your party supplies - I love little touches like that. And your nephew looks too cute in his shades!

    I've had the snickers ice cream bars and they are sooo good. I have to resist them every time I shop because I could eat the whole box too!

  4. OMG those baby sunnies are ADORABLE!

    And now I want Twix ice cream. Nummy!

  5. So adorable!!!! Those Symphony brownies are a hit! :)

  6. The Twix ice cream bars look to die for! Must go to the store to get some!!! My husband will thank you! :)

  7. I always head to Hobby Lobby after a holiday. Rule of thumb, never buy decorations until after the holiday is over. Then stash them and forget until next year when you are oh so excited to see your new decorations.

  8. Cute party supplies! I always love polka dots. :-)

  9. just realized I didn't comment when I read this..but the baby sunglasses are presh!! Easter sales are the best. I love sweet lulu! I want EVERYTHING! I've ordered straws :) As far as those sweets--I MUST avoid, haha.


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