Sunday, April 24

Bark in the Park

My weekend started early Friday afternoon. I had lunch with Chesley and then decided not to go back to work. The weather was great and Ty was sitting at home doing nothing and I wanted to join him. My afternoon meeting had been canceled, so I figured why not.

Ty and I took Nuts to the park to enjoy the sunshine.


Jane and I went to see a late afternoon showing of Water for Elephants. We both thought the movie did the book justice. I hardly ever say that about books turned into movies. If you haven't read this book, you should.

Saturday night we went to Bark in the Park. Our minor league baseball team allows dogs to attend games on certain nights. I have been wanting to take Nuts and a coworker of mine had extra tickets. We were afraid that the game might get rained out, but the weather was perfect.
bark in the park


Nuts did a great job and sat on my lap through the whole game. However, we did have one minor problem. Nuts hated Hornsby, the mascot. He barked and barked at this blue cow. Nuts doesn't bark very often, so you know it is serious when he does. Poor guy just didn't want the blue cow in his line of vision. It was hilarious!
He had our whole section laughing at his pathetic, little bark. It was our first game in the new stadium and we can't wait to go back.

We enjoyed a very non-traditional Easter Sunday. We went to church, had Bueno for lunch, worked out, watched Despicable Me and lounged. We missed being with our families, especially all the little ones, who I'm sure had a great time hunting eggs. We've already been home a couple of times in the last month or so and we will see everyone in a couple of weeks for Ty's graduation, so it just didn't make sense to make the drive down there. There is always next year.

I hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!


  1. So fun! I wanted to go to the bark in the Park (sans dogs....ours aren't as polite as Nuts), but we kept thinking it was going to rain!

  2. We are doing Bark in the Park with our dog Sam next weekend at our minor league stadium! I can't wait to see how he reacts!

  3. That is too funny about the Bark in the Park!! Bailey also hates mascots. He saw the Chic Fila Cow once and went crazy!!

  4. I can just see Nuts sounding off! We missed you all yesterday! Nathan and Lucas hunted in their underwear!

  5. How fun! Sounds like Nuts had a great weekend! Love your sweater in the picture at the stadium.

  6. I too thought Water for Elephants did the book justice. I actually think I liked the movie better than the book!

    What a fun night at the ballpark!

  7. What a fun night at the ballpark! I love that they have a doggie night!

  8. I'm behind on my blogs.. but I had to comment! I LOVE woodward park! My parents live within walking distance - let's just say I've taken 100s of easter and prom pics there! Also, so jealous you got to bring Nuts to a game there! Isn't the new staduim so beautiful? And perfect for families with that big toy!


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