Wednesday, March 23


Sometimes life can be stressful or overwhelming, but I think it is so important to recognize the little things that make us happy. This past week or so these things have brought a smile to my face.

--Lunch dates at Target with my bff, Chesley.

--Buying cute socks for $1 at said lunch date.

--Dinner with my bloggy friends

--Coming home from work to be greeted by my two favorite boys--Ty and Nuts!

--A phone call from my mom telling me that my Dad showed Mason a picture of me on his phone and Mason got really excited to see me. Pretty much means I am the best aunt ever.

--Finding my lost social security card!


  1. Ohhh! I'm jealous of your Target lunch dates! So fun!

    I absolutely love finding joy in the small things. It quickly allows me to realize how many blessings I have in my life!

  2. Little things are everything! Love your navy sweater.

  3. Yay for friends and babies and cute socks!!

    And YAAY for finding your SS card. IDs and such are SO impossible to replace!

  4. That's an awesome picture of you and your sweet nephew. Love it! Have a great rest of the week, Linds!

  5. Yay for the little blessings n life!!
    Wish I would of been there for the blog dinner!!
    Love the pic of you and your nephew!! So cute

  6. Lunch dates and cute socks make the best days. :)

  7. Those socks are the best $1 ever! I have tons of pairs. I LOVE THEM!

  8. I'm still confused how your posts slip past me!!! i need to post our pic, too :) LOVE those socks. I love polka dots, clearly. haha


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