Wednesday, March 30

new pre-made templates

This template was inspired by a kate spade e-mail I received. The color of the month for kate spade is YELLOW!
sstemplate7 - Google Chrome 3302011 12225 PM

I know it's Spring, but we are not experiencing Spring like weather in Oklahoma. These dreary days plus my longing for green grass inspired this template.
Fullscreen capture 3302011 12256 PM

If you are interested in purchasing a pre-made template send me an e-mail:

There is no wait list for pre-made templates and they can be installed quickly.
Check them all out here.


  1. The top one is very J Crew to me, LOVE them!

  2. Thank you again, I love the new look of my blog!

  3. If you haven't sold the second one, I will buy it! :) Just let me know!


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