Tuesday, January 18

weekend happenings

This selling our house business has us busy! It is amazing how much needs to be done. We have a photographer coming today and I'm sitting in my office at work hoping I did everything I was supposed to this morning. I'm sure I forgot to do something. We are also having an open house this coming Sunday. Ah, so exciting and scary all at the same time.

We spent the majority of the weekend getting the house ready for these things, but we did make some time to relax. We saw True Grit Friday evening. The acting was amazing and the music (old hymns) was beautiful!

We did our grocery shopping after the movie and I discovered my new favorite snack at Target.
I'm always eating the Nature Valley granola bars, but these are better because they contain chocolate. duh.

Speaking of chocolate, I made the most decadent brownies this weekend. Katie posted them on her blog on Friday and I couldn't resist making them. Recipe here. (super easy!)
Symphony Brownies
{picture via Sarah}
Ty is not allowed to mention how much of the brownies have already been consumed.

Despite all the house stuff, I managed to do quite a bit of fun stuff this weekend. Ty slaved away the majority of the time while I was out and about. Isn't he the best?!

Went to a baby shower for Megan and baby Eli

It was a cowboy theme. How cute are these plates?!

See all the cute details on Megan's blog.

On Monday I took H, my bbbs little, to see Tangled. It was really cute!

It was nice to have an extra day to add to the weekend. Now, if I could only arrange to work four days every week.


  1. Lol! I tried to make this brownies last night, but I used too big of a pan, so I just did regular ones ;( you must keep us posted on you house selling journey. It is so exciting! My friend Megan blogged about those same crisps and I forgot to but them. I need to try them. Lastly, megan's shower looked adorable. Love those plates. So creative!

  2. Really want to see that movie!!! Megan's shower was SO cute and you look gorgeous in that red!!! :)

  3. Why didn't we give out these brownies instead of Symphony bars at chapter?!?!?!?

  4. i'm totally going to target after work to get those granola bars. they look amazing.

  5. I loooooved True Grit too! My niece was up for the role of Mattie Ross (I mean, along with like 15,000 others!), but, I give her a hard time because when Hailee Steinfeld was at the Golden Globes I called my niece and was all "That could have been YOU!". Obviously, I win aunt of the year.

    And omg, chocolate and granola? Sign me up please.

  6. I really wanted to see Tangled...I guess I need to find a little girl to go with me so I can have a good excuse :) Anyway was who uses the word "decadent" to describe brownies must mean they are totally awesome!

  7. Oh girl, my aunt makes those brownies all the time and they are TOO DIE FOR!!! Yum!!

  8. Those brownies look amazing! I'm mad at you for posting them, now I'll inevitably have to make them and have to eat way more than my share. I wish I had a little one to see tangled with! It looks SO cute!

  9. those brownies look delicious! as do those granola squares, yum!

  10. wow, sounds like quite the weekend!!!
    i must try the brownies and granola bars with chocolate!! i have a major sweet tooth and crave chocolate like you wouldn't believe, haha!!

  11. The brownies? I DIE.

    I have so been wanting to try those Granola Thins. Thanks for the rec!

    You girls all look so pretty at the shower! FUN!

  12. Symphony Brownies are my standby for a quick dessert that seems impressive but is SO easy! Glad you've been enlightened :)

  13. I have to try those brownies now! They look so good!

    I didn't realize you were trying to sell your house (that's what I get for being so behind on blog reading), but good luck!

  14. I looooooved True Grit! Definitely one of my favorites this movie season!

    I saw those graham cracker chocolate bars at my Target this week and I almost bought them. Now that I've read your review, I think I need to go back and get them :)

  15. I somehow missed this post! I LOVE those granola bars..and those brownies you made look heavenly. So sad I didn't make the shower :(

  16. oh those brownies. I'm still thinking about them...

    I took my niece and nephew to see Tangled and thought it was so cute!

    p.s. getting caught up on my google-reader if you didn't notice :)


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