Monday, January 10

weekend happenings

Ty and I had a busy weekend. We spent the majority of it cleaning our house, adding more plants to the front yard, and decluttering. We are in the "our house must sell" mode. We met with a realtor on Sunday afternoon and have some important decisions to make.

Thank goodness, we were invited to a birthday party Saturday evening. Otherwise, I think Ty would have made me work all night too. :) Jessica threw a fabulous birthday party for her little girls. Ty has met a few of the people before, but I'm so glad he got to meet their husbands and get to know everyone a little better. I managed to snap a few pictures with my phone, but you will want to visit Jessica's blog for a full party recap.

love this girl!

Jessica with Miss Penny

I'm in love with this design I finished over the weekend.
3pinkdots 4


  1. Oooh love all the pics. So colorful and yall look beautiful.

  2. My son & daughter~in~law are searching for a house to buy. You can e-mail me at

    Thank you!

  3. i cleaned my kitchen ALL day on Saturday! and i love your scarf- very fun!

  4. lots of decisions! let me know if I can help do anything :)

    Glad we got to hang out on Saturday :)

  5. Super cute pics! Did you use the hipstamatic on those? Love the new blog design you made! You're so talented!

  6. how fun, i love birthday parties. and i love your new design! so cute.

  7. Your house is adorable! It will definitely sell quickly. I didn't realize you were for sure moving! Or is this just to get it ready in case you do? Love the new design. Super cute!!

  8. Looks like such a fun weekend!!

    And I swear I'm gonna email you back tomorrow. If I ever figure out what I want in a design. The new one you just finished is amazing!!

  9. are you for sure moving?? Our of state:( Sooo sad... we must catch up!! love the pics.. sad I had a wedding and had to miss the party

  10. should come to UF :)

  11. We just used those fun balls for a decoration at a baby shower, and I loveeeed the way they turned out!


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