Monday, January 24

We are pretty much consumed with all things house right now, which would explain my lack of anything exciting on the ol' blog. I think we finally have everything spic & span and all projects have been accomplished. Ty's parents came up on Saturday and helped us out tremendously. We could not have accomplished, so much if it wasn't for them.

I just remembered my parents are coming up this weekend to help us with a couple of things. So much for saying that all the projects were done. The things that are left are small things my dad and Ty are doing together, and shouldn't require my help. I doubt they would even ask for my help. I'm not the best helper.

See I told you. All things house.

fresh flowers for the open house

The open house was not successful. Not a single soul came. We weren't too surprised. Does anyone even go to open houses anymore? We never did when we bought this house, but maybe that is just us. The good news is two different people have come by to view the house in the last couple of days.

Last thing about the house and then I'm done. I swear. I think I confused some people by saying we were selling our house. We don't know yet if we are moving for residency, but we decided that even if we stay we want to sell it. Ty finds out on Valentine's Day where he matched for residency. Valentine's Day will be known as Match Day at our house. Maybe if I'm lucky we will celebrate both. I sure hope so, because I've got my eye on this.


I did find a few minutes this weekend to give myself a blog makeover. My design blog needed something new. Go check it out along with a new pre-made template for sale.


  1. When we were selling our house, I just kept reminding myself that we bought it, didn't we? (And by "we" I pretty much mean Tommy because we weren't married yet, but I was totally helping with the search.) And "we" have great taste ;)!

    That is promising to already have two people make appointments. Those are the serious buyers anyway!

    PS - Love the blog designs!!

  2. You've got a lot on your plate girl don't you? We didn't go to a single open house when we were looking to buy years ago, and we still ended up with a house so.. I'm sure it will sell. And hopefully quickly!

  3. Good luck with the house! I hope the perfect buyers find you very soon! Love the new blog design on the other blog - so fun!

  4. Girl, you are BUSY! I don't know how you do it!! I'm crossing my fingers for GOOD NEWS on Valentine's Day!

  5. sending good thoughts for Match Day and for buyers!! :)

  6. I've been reading your blog for a while, but think this is my first comment ;)
    Good luck with selling your house! My husband finished residency in another state last June (we are now doing fellowship in yet another state) and we were unable to sell our house. Its still early and if you are in a neighborhood convenient to the HSC (hubs went to med school at OU, too) you might get some resident traffic after match day. We ended up getting very lucky and finding a fantastic resident to rent our house ... and count ourselves lucky as sooooo many of our friends who did not want to rent their houses out are still sitting with empty houses in a state they no longer live in... and are still making those mortgage payments.
    Of course, best of luck selling your house, but if come May its still on the market, you might consider trying to find a resident renter who was unable to buy due to the strict new mortgage climate.

  7. whew! you've got a busy next few weeks. i remember the stress of match day when my bff did that almost 4 years ago. praying that things go well for you guys!

  8. Sorry to hear about the open house. It's good that you are having some interest though.

    I hope "match day" is good also! It would be great if we could still live so close to each other.

  9. Fingers crossed for a good match day!!

    We only went to two open houses when we bought our house and that was because they were homes we had already looked at but wanted to go back to get another look without having to go with our realtor. We ended up buying one of the houses we saw at an open house!

    Good luck with everything!

  10. those flowers are so pretty! Ekk, I'm excited about match day for you! Can't wait to here the news.

  11. Ahhhh, you are so much farther along then I am on the house selling thing! I am getting a little stressed but hope to get everything ready soon.

    I think I will be a bundle of nerves until Match Day! We keep changing #1 and #2...I have no idea which should win out! (Although it's completely out of our hands so it may not matter!)

  12. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you guys...for the house and for matching.

  13. I'm in the same exact boat. We're planning to put our condo on the market in April or May. So we've been busy making lists of repairs & things we need to do in order to get it ready to sell. We're going to sell by owner so that means extra work for us but hopefully it'll be worth it. Are you using a realtor? Good luck, I hope it sells quickly and for top dollar.


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