Thursday, January 13

martha stewart makes me swoon

As I was browsing through blogs a couple of weeks ago I came across a certain project from Martha Stewart's website. I saved the project, but I can't remember the blog I found it on--sorry! If it was your blog let me know.

The Martha Stewart Show

I have become obsessed with the chevron pattern. I use it a lot in my blog designs and people are always requesting it. When I saw the tray I immediately wanted one. I have yet to make it, but maybe one day... I still haven't finished the bottom hem in my curtain project that I started in August. oops.


Someone use this tutorial and make me one. mmkay?


The tutorial also shows you all of the resources that they used to make the tray*.

You can view Rebecca's eclectic modern living room here.

*The tray is made with fabric, not by painting.


  1. That is too cute! No matter how easy a craft project may be to make, I always find it easier to just buy it. Or go without.

    I am SO not crafty, can you tell? ☺

  2. love it! my friend and i have been crafting all week, so i can't wait to show her this!

  3. LOVE IT! And I love Martha Stewart too

  4. love this! martha is certainly one-of-a-kind.

  5. Oh man, these images make me try! Awhile back, I purchased a black tray from IKEA with the intent of painting a white chevron pattern on it. Well, it was a complete and utter failure. The paint peeled and chipped and it was just a big mess! :( Hopefully, if you try it, you'll have more luck than I did!

  6. I tried to paint a wall chevron once. BAD IDEA!

  7. OOoh, I love that tray! Seriously, a wall would be so awesome with it! Let us know if you make it!

  8. hahah crazy of all our chevron talk today and you had posted this! I was behind..but yeah, I'm pretty much obsessed too :)

  9. Thank you for sharing! Now I have another DIY to add to my ever-growing lists. Love your blog!


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