Thursday, January 20

I have a lot of little thoughts, but not enough on one thing to actually justify a full post. Thank goodness for bullet points.

  • Mr. Clean Magic Erasers have become my best friend.
  • Deep cleaning your house sucks. It will be worth it for things to be sparkly for our open house.
  • I'm not a huge fan of country music, but it is my favorite thing to listen to while I'm cooking.
  • I'm sure Ty enjoyed listening to me sing to Strawberry Wine at the top of my lungs tonight while I was cooking.
  • I made this for dinner. Yum, Yum.
  • I had today off of work due to the snow and ice. It was GREAT!
  • My sister-in-law, Heather, was browsing through Netflix while we were at Ty's parent's house over New Year's trying to decide what to add to their queue. I got some great ideas from her. A few of these have already been sent to us and watched and others are still in our queue.
  • All of the Symphony Brownies I made last weekend are gone. I think I need to make another batch this weekend.
  • If that is the case I should also do the workout video I bought a couple of weeks ago, but have only done once. Yikes.
  • I was really jealous of all the people with the Pure Barre classes in their cities. Then, I found out they have workout DVDs. I read several reviews of the videos online and the feedback was really mixed. I really like the one I purchased and I think people were being hyper critical. Visit Kate's blog if you want more info on Pure Barre.


  1. I watched 7 of those 10 movies over break. Um ... I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing!

  2. Oh I wish I could comment in bullet-points! Oh wait - I can make my own - yay!

    - I also heart Magic Erasers - they are the ONLY thing I can find that will clean my stupid electric stove top in a jiffy!
    - I think that Deena Carter CD is the best CD EVER! And I am also not a country music addict - but every darn song on that CD is good!
    - Would you believe I've never seen any of the Bourne movies? I need to get on that. Also need to add Red to our Queue... you will LOVE Easy A!
    - Woo Hoo for Pure Barrrrrrrrre - I'm glad you enjoy it!

  3. Magic Erasers are the BEST! I use them all the time :)

  4. Mr. Clean seriously knew what he was doing with those magic erasers.

    I can't believe you guys are getting ready to sell your house! It seems like you just bought it, but I guess it's been a few years now. I wish you the best of luck. When will Ty find out where he's been accepted?

  5. Magic Erasers. A gift from God, I swear.

  6. Love Strawberry Wine, haha!!! And really want to see Easy A!! :)

  7. -I've been wanting to try the Magic Eraser!
    -I'm going to ask Ty to video you singing while you're cooking, I would love to see that! ;)
    -those are great Netflix picks, we're going to have to add some of those too!

  8. - Knight and Day was a negative for me (but that is just my opinion) I just can't look at Tom Cruise without thinking he is a crazy man in real life!
    -Salt was OK.
    -Loved The Town.
    -Easy A is next on my Netflix list and I am super excited!

    Well that's my movies review...Hope the open house goes well.

  9. -i LOVED easy a!

    -i hate deep cleaning too. we've got the hubs condo on the market now (empty thank goodness) but as soon as that sells its the one we live in. ugh.

  10. I will second or third or so on the Easy A recommendation.

    I wrote an English paper in the ninth grade about Strawberry Wine - great song!!!!

  11. I don't think those brownies would have lasted long at my house either!! And I really want to see Easy looked silly but cute too. And I just love her!

  12. we watched Easy A this weekend! Super cute and funny. Penn Bagley or however you spell is super hot in that movie.. and while we're at it so is Emma Stone! haha


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