Monday, December 6

project curtains

I did a little post about my upcoming curtain project on August 9th. I finally completed that project. (slightly embarrassed that it took that long. I'm ridiculous.) I used this super easy no-sew tutorial.

I am so pleased with the way they turned out. I definitely made a false statement above--I still need to finish the bottom hem and buy more curtain rings. BUT, they are basically done. :)

I found curtains made out of the same fabric on CSN for $315 a panel. That is CRAZINESS.

While home for Thanksgiving I purchased a chest of drawers from Brent's family (Ty's BIL).
(There is a weird shadow on the chest. It's not a flaw.)

They had a couple of other similar pieces, but we don't have room for them right now. I love the style of this furniture. It belonged to Brent's great grandma and I believe it is from the 1940s.

I'm going to be sad to take down these fun colors!

Ty and I did some Christmas shopping and wrapping this weekend.
{Ignore those shelves behind him--I'm still working on filling them up.}

I found these tins at Hobby Lobby and they reminded me of our stockings and the combination inspired my Christmas theme this year--polka dots and leopard!

My stocking from Ballard Designs.


Ty's niece's present
They moved and her new school mascot is an owl. Her present may or may not have something to do with this as well.


This was the first weekend since August that Ty has been home all weekend without working. It was SO nice. I have missed that man.


  1. Those curtains look so great. So crafty.

    I love that Ty is wearing that pink tape dispenser on his wrist. tehehehe.

  2. The curtains are fabulous!!!

    So glad you guys got to spend a weekend together--since August?? That has to be hard!

  3. Love the curtains!! I've had "plans" to make those no sew curtains for WAY longer than you so don't feel bad! And I love that dresser! That style is so classic!

  4. Your curtains are GORGEOUS! I absolutely love them. So impressed you tackled that project by yourself.

    I love how your stockings, tree and gifts all coordinate with the leopard - so cute.

  5. Yayy for a weekend with your man!!

    The curtains and all the Xmas decorations look great! I need to get moving on some of mine or they might never get up...

  6. I love the curtains! Where did you find the fabric and how much were you able to make them for? I'm going to go this route because our windows are a weird height and none of the "stock" curtains work, length wise. Frustrating to no end!

  7. Lindsey, the curtains look WONDERFUL!!! I would love a tutorial :) Along with a mascara one as well....

    Did you know, I have NO curtains in my house. I should probably get some...

    we will do our cookies, too. When is a good time?? haha

    I LOVE my tin and all of your home goodies look wonderful!


  8. I LOVE the fabric you used for your curtains & I must admit, I'm slightly jealous of your skills!

    The bright colors are wonderful on the chest. I'm really loving those types of Christmas decorations - the brights versus what we've been seeing the last few years with just reds & golds & silvers.

  9. Thanks for sharing the tutorial! We desperately need curtains in our bedroom (among others), because it gets SO bright in there. All of the panels are crazy $$$ b/c of how tall our windows are. I can't wait to try the no sew technique!

  10. The curtains are amazing!!!! Love the print! You did an awesome job!!!

    And your owl ornaments on the gift-adorable!!!

    So fun to see you this weekend!

  11. WOW everything looks fantastic!

  12. Lindsey, your curtains look awesome!! It's amazing how much money you can save by doing stuff like that yourself.

    Love the dresser also. Family pieces are the best.

  13. Love the curtains! And the fun decorations on the dresser!

  14. great job on the curtains! very pretty!

    i still need to get around to making some for our living room....

  15. The curtains are beautiful, I love the fabric you picked! I absolutely love the leopard ribbon on your packages, it's such a fun addition!

  16. good work on the curtians! they turned out great!

  17. Fun weekend! I love the curtains and everything from the 1940s.

  18. Polka dots and leopard! Wow! Ty must be waaaaay more cool than my husband. He would never go for something that funky as a theme! It looks great.

  19. your curtains are gorgeous! great job!!

  20. Love the curtains! I wanted those stockings, but my husband put the kibosh (sp?) on that REAL fast :( Is that a pop up tape dispenser on Ty's wrist? I'm impressed with his wrapping skills!

  21. Your curtains look amazing!!! I bought some fabric that I am in love with for my "office" at home, but I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. The window is arched, and I don't think there's enough for 2 panels. I knew there probably wasn't enough, but I loved it too much to let it stay on the store shelves.

  22. Your decorations are beautiful! And the chest looks great in your room...I envy your decorating talent!

  23. I am so envious, everything looks so good! I love that chest of drawers, I am looking for something similar because my husband and I have too many clothes! haha.

  24. Your house and gifts look great! Well done. :) Also, the Gap stuff really is the cutest, isn't it? I got all of my niece's presents from there. I also have worked there for the past five years, and let me tell youm, I have spent some money! Finally, I LOVE THE CURTAINS! I chose that same fabric for some throw pillows in our den. It looks great! So fun and lively!

  25. The curtains look great! I love the fabric! What is that fabric? .... and where did you get it???

  26. i am so impressed with your curtains!

    just happened upon your blog and its too cute!

  27. LOVE the curtains! and the furniture! i love old furniture!

  28. ahh I LOVE the curtains!! They look so good and I love love the fabric!! I'm so glad y'all got to spend the whole weekend together! Hopefully that will become the norm again soon ;)

  29. I have the same wrapping paper, Hobby Lobby?! Your curtains turned out amazazing, I love the print. And I'm in love w. those wellie bookends, too cute.

  30. Hey there! I did a post on Covington Wilmington Love and featured your curtains. Hope you don't mind!


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