Friday, December 3

gift ideas

I love it when bloggers post gift ideas. Some of these items made it onto my Christmas list, some of them I wish I would have asked for, others I own or just think they are great gifts.

I want, want!
Roseanna cake stand

Personalized tote bag from Ballard Designs

I own one of these and have given it as a gift to my bff.

I would love to open a present and find these ruffled Echo tech gloves.
You can keep them on and still use the touch screen on your iPhone.
I would take one in every color!
(Thanks to Kate for showcasing these!)

This necklace from Etsy did make it onto my Christmas list.


It is a horrible picture of Courtney Cox Arquette, but she wears the necklace all the time on her show and it goes with everything. The etsy seller lets you customizes the length to whatever you want--what a bonus!

Speaking of etsy, how about a customized Keep Calm print?
They have prints for everyone on your list: photographers, bikers, bath tub soakers, wine lovers, tea lovers, etc.


My current favorite print on etsy.

I think guys can be hard to buy for, but I love these gift ideas.

For the iPhone owner
tech gloves from echo

For the coffee drinker
from amazon
Trudeau Xpress Ceramic Tumbler, Chocolate Colored Lid and Grip

I always associate coffee drinking with men. Perhaps, because I don't like it and Ty and my dad do.


  1. such great gift ideas!! i love the cake stand!!

  2. That cake stand is too pretty! While reading your post I just got an idea for a gift for my future sister-in-law... thanks!

  3. fun gift ideas!! i want a cake stand, especially one that looks like the one you posted, so pretty!!!

  4. great ideas!! I have to have some of those gloves! I've been caught using my nose on my iphone one too many times... I linked this post to mine today! Hope that's ok!

  5. I want the cake stand too!!!! LOVE

  6. I love everything on your gift list. I think Rosanna (brand of the cake stand) has the most fabulous serving pieces! And I've had my eye on the Echo gloves for a couple of friends. Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Love the Bake On..Suggesting to my mom now!

  8. I LOVE the Echo Ruffle Touch Gloves - they are on my list too!

  9. Oh my gosh I'm in LOVE with those echo tech gloves! I added them to my wish list because, wow, cute and the ability to use my iPhone? Perfect.

  10. Great finds! I love the cake stand - and I just ordered the echo touch ruffle gloves for my sister in law. She lives in Boston so I know she'll appreciate being able to use her iPhone without freezing fingers.

  11. LOOOOOVE these! I love everything Rosanna and have a few pieces! I definitely need a bag... and my mom saw some cell friendly gloves and showed me..but not near as cute as those!

  12. Great list! I have a Ballard tote too and absolutely love it so I agree that it's a great gift for everyone. There are so many Keep Calm prints that I love, I just can't decide!

  13. LOVE the cake stand! And the gloves! Do you know if they have them for men also? Perfect idea for my BIL. Another great gift idea from my sister's page: (the towel wraps and nightlights are my favorite!)!/pages/Oklahoma-City-OK/Puttin-on-the-Glitz/100415813365282

  14. I've never seen those gloves!! How do people think of these things!

    Fun seeing you again the other night!


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