Friday, December 10

Christmas Crafts and Pretty Paper

I was searching the web today for free printable cupcake toppers. I found several, but they weren't quite what I was wanting. I didn't have anything specific in mind, but those just weren't it.
I asked my friend Katie for some help. She might just love free printables more than me and is always featuring fun ones on her blog.

She sent me several fun links and I found a great set of coordinated printables.


I LOVED this banner, but I don't have a place to hang it at home. Our front office was the perfect place for this festiveness.

The blog has cupcake toppers, invitations, etc all to match. I love the colors!

I love this felt garland.
felt garland
I think it would be so cute strung on something or even used to wrap presents. I've bookmarked this site and I will make these some day.

Has anyone seen any cute Christmas crafts or printables?


  1. Yay!!! Thx for the shout out!! So glad I could help you find them. Love the banner for your office!!

  2. Aww, those looks like super fun decorations!

  3. I think you are the most creative person that I know. Lovely finds!

  4. Better Homes and Garden magazine has good holiday craft ideas. go to
    If you look closely on my blog on my recent post, in the picture with the fireplace you can see that I hung Christmas ornaments with ribbon from my bookselves. Super easy and the idea from bhg.

  5. The banner is so cute! Love it!

  6. those are adorable! I love em


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