Sunday, November 21

the weekend

I go to the craft fair every year with my aunt and cousin and it has become a fun tradition. This year my mom and sister just happened to be in town, so we all went together.

Toting Mason around

Mason and Brynlee (my cousin's little girl) taking a break from shopping.

We did a lot of shopping on Saturday and it included a stop at Babies R Us for a jumperoo.
Someone is obsessed with jumping, but I think we wore him out with all the shopping!
I got a really cute video of him jumping real hard and then nodding off to sleep, jumping real hard and nodding off to sleep and so on.

The main reason for the family visit was for my Dad to run in his first half-marathon.
He did great and beat his goal time!

All the people in the middle and around the corner were runners. I think my Dad said close to 10,000 people were registered!

We kept Mason nice and warm.



Family photo minus my brother, brother-in-law and Ty.


  1. Your hair looks great in that top picture- very voluminous! :)

  2. I think you need a little one of your own!!! You are so cute toting Mason around!

  3. I totally ran that race today too!

  4. Okay girl.. this is insane, but I was at the craft fair yesterday and at the race today! haha! We totally could have walked right by each other! Next time there's a blogger get together or something, I promise not to be a slacker. :) And CONGRATS to your dad today!! Heck yes!

  5. Was it the Galveston Half? Doubtful..but thought I would ask.

  6. Oh man! I wanted to go to the craft fair so bad! But Dave had to get back to study :( We did get to watch a lot of the runners go right by my parents house in the morning and that was kinda fun! What'd you get at the fair?

  7. such cute pictures!! :) looks like you had a good visit with your family! have a great week and a happy thanksgiving hun!

  8. Love the one with him in front of the leaves. Very cute!

  9. The picture of Mason alseep in the jumper is TOO cute!

  10. Wow, those leaves are so saturated with color and gorgeous! I love it!

    It sounds like a pretty awesome weekend. Congrats to your dad!

  11. Your hair always looks perfect. It makes me mad. :-) I had plans to go to AFOTH but wasn't able to make it this year. I'm glad you got to go!!

  12. omw such darling babies!! Happy Thanksgiving!!


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