Tuesday, November 9

Tis the Season

It is so hard to not be thinking about Christmas. It is everywhere. Heck, some stores have been selling Christmas decorations since August. I have a love for stationery and always spend way too much time trying to decide on the perfect Christmas cards.

Shutterfly has a great selection this year. I have ordered photobooks from them and my MIL has some really pretty stationery from there, so I know the quality will be good. I really like receiving and sending Christmas cards with pictures.

I typically do a flat photocard, but I like the idea of doing a folded one like this.


It allows you to type in a message of your own and there are several layouts to choose from. I like to customize the cards as much as possible and Shutterfly allows you to do that.

Do you all send out Christmas cards? When is the ideal time to send them out?


  1. I think I'm going to order mine from Shutterfly too! I have seen a ton of cute ones online that are fabulous but Shutterfly has good designs and great prices! I am hoping to send mine out the first week of December!

  2. Did you hear about the promotion shutterfly is doing for bloggers?! I'm going to order from there as well. Now I just need to get a good pic of me and the hub. Yay for Christmas cards!

  3. Snapfish has a great selection too...that's where I always order ours from!


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