Tuesday, November 16

This past weekend I went home for Nathan's 2nd birthday party. My SIL, Sarah, always does such a great job with his birthday parties. This year's theme was farm animals. She made his shirt, but it was hard to get a picture of a very excited 2 year old--it is a horse wearing a party hat!

Going home meant I also got to spend time with my family.
This little guy was my companion while I did my make-up.

Look at his thighs! So cute!

My dad is running in a half marathon this weekend in my city and my mom, sister and nephew are coming too! I'm excited to spend more time with Mason. He is at a really fun age and just smiles and laughs. He also discovered my face this weekend. He would put his chunky little hands on my face and just pat it. My sis said he just started doing that.

Ty had to work all weekend and I definitely missed him!


  1. Oh he's so precious! I love birthday parties. :)

  2. That is a cute party theme! I love all the details! Ok, LOVE the yellow wellies...pretty cute! I just found a nursery this morning for a little boy and the colors are white, black and that same yellow. It was precious! I added it to my favorites list. Hope y'all are doing well!

  3. what a cute birthday party! and sweet little one! and i am so so so glad someone i know got the adorable yellow coat! i never made it to our old navy in time and it's gone online! so cute on you!

  4. Cute party pics and Mason is getting so big!

  5. Those chunky thigh rolls are TOO much! Squeeze him for me :)

  6. Your nephew is a doll! And I love the birthday party decorations! So nice!

  7. Love the party circles and Mason is adorable!!! You will have so much fun with them this weekend!

  8. he is just cute as a button!!!

  9. Good luck to your dad tomorrow! I wish my house was just a couple blocks closer so I could cheer him on! :)

    Also, those thighs are adorable. I wish my thighs were considered adorable, I mean, they look sort of similar. haha!


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