Monday, November 29

Thanksgiving, part one

My Thanksgiving break started Monday night when Jessica hosted a group of girls at her house. It was so fun and not a single picture was taken. This no picture taking business carried over to the next day.

Megan and I made a road trip to Dallas on Tuesday. Ty has been in Fort Worth this month on a surgery rotation. I was going down there to spend Thanksgiving with him and meet some bloggy friends. Megan and I had such a good time driving and the trip went by super fast. We stopped at an outlet mall and went to HomeGoods before dinner with Kate, Erin, Mojito Maven, and Slynnro. I have read their blogs for a long time and it was nice to meet them in real life. :)
Somehow Megan and I both managed to not snap a single picture all day.

While Ty worked on Wednesday, I hung out with one of my best friends from college (and bridesmaid), Laura. She took me around her fun area of Dallas. I loved seeing the fun neighborhoods and all they had to offer. I requested a cupcake bakery, so Laura took me to Society Baker. YUM.

I forgot how much fun we have together! She is one of those friends that you just easily pick up right where you left off. Love her!
Please note that Laura is wearing a sleeveless shirt. It was 85 degrees on Wednesday, but it dropped almost 50 degrees overnight and Thursday (Thanksgiving) was COLD!

Ty had Thanksgiving off, but not Friday, so we stayed in Ft. Worth instead of going home to our families. The first three weeks he was there he stayed with a girl who graduated last year and is now in the surgery program in FW. It was SO nice of her and her husband to let Ty stay there free of charge. Elise had already told one of Ty's classmates she could stay at her house starting the last week in November before Ty knew he was going to be in FW for the month. He got an extended stay hotel for the last week. I can be a tad picky about my hotel rooms and Ty was so sweet to make it more welcoming for me. He had a pint of mint chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer, Thanksgiving napkins, and a little fall decor. He's a keeper.

Ty did his rotation here.

Ty and I ate dinner Wednesday night at Mellow Mushroom.
Pretty tasty! The dough was really good.

We bought our Thanksgiving dinner at Central Market. I wish we had one of these here!

Best turkey giblet gravy ever! It had a little bit of a spiciness to it. YUMMMM!
See the salsa. Isn't that part of everyone's Thankgiving dinner? No? Well it should be. I can't get enough of chips and salsa.


We also explored downtown Ft. Worth, TCU, and the botanical gardens. It was too cold to explore much though.


We saw Due Date later that night and it was funny, but not great.

I left for our hometown Friday morning. Ty worked a half day and met up with me at my parents house later that day. Thanksgiving, part two coming soon.


  1. I love Mellow Mushroom, looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! I am a recent follower and just love your blog!

  2. Fun! It was crazy how cold it got between Wednesday and Thursday. We saw Due Date on Saturday and I completely agree - funny, but fell a little short. Glad you had a nice week!

  3. I love how y'all made a Thanksgiving just for the two of you. I don't know what I would do if I didn't live down the road from a Central Market. I pick up dinner there often.

  4. i had such a fun time with you! Shame on us for not taking pics! You did much better as the week went on it appears! xoxo

  5. Such a cute Thanksgiving for two. Very sweet!

  6. Y'all are so cute having Thanksgiving together in Ty's hotel! :) The food looked really good!

  7. I am LOVIN' that lipstick color on ya!

  8. Had SO much fun on Tuesday - I can't believe no one thought to take a photo... RATS!

    And YAY for Society Bakery... while I love Sprinkles, I think SB "takes the cupcake" as my favorite cupcakery in Dallas!

  9. What a sweet Thanksgiving! You will always remember the crazy Thanksgiving you ahd in teh hotel. He is a keeper for making things pretty for you.

  10. Oh society bakery...nom nom nom. SO GOOD.

    And why did we not take a pic?!

    And your red lip color? LOVE

  11. What a great Thanksgiving! I agree salsa is essential!

  12. Fun Thanksgiving! It's great that you go to spend it just the two of you together.

  13. Sweet SWeet! I think Thanksgiving with just the 2 of you is soooo sweet :)

  14. Ugh! I forgot to take pictures with a few people over Thanksgiving also! :( I hate it when I do that! And isn't downtown Ft. Worth SO pretty at this time of year? I love how there's a movie theater and a barnes and noble down there! So fun!

  15. i agree: chips and salsa go with everything. we have a mellow mushroom walking distance from our house...mmm!

    so jealous you got to meet some of the dallas bloggies ... i heart their "stories" as my husband calls!

  16. aw, this makes me really miss fort worth. i did a rotation at plaza while i was in school... and i ended up working right across the street from there. oh, memories! glad you had a good time! :)

  17. Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving together!! ;)

  18. Oh I how I love Central Market. I wish I had told you to eat at La Madeleine - great French bistro chain in the south that I love. :) Oh the food in my hometown. I miss it!

  19. A. LOVE Fort Worth--glad y'all were able to have a nice little Thanksgiving together.

    B. Can we talk about that GORGEOUS lipstick you are wearing in that second to last photo? It looks perfect on you!


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