Friday, November 19


I have a bunch of jumbled thoughts today, so bullet points it is.

  • tgif---my parents, sister and nephew are coming to visit this weekend. Get ready for lots of Mason pictures on Monday. :)
  • Is anyone else watching Outsourced? I think it is hilarious.

  • I bought a pair of Uggs this year. I realize they aren't the cutest boots, but my oh my are they cozy. I want to sleep in them. Seriously, I have to make myself take them off each night before I crawl into bed.
  • I wore my Uggs to the mall last night and instead of taking them off to try on clothes I left my jeggings and boots on and just pulled my pants completely down. A sales lady came to check on me and I needed a different size. I had to open the door and show her what I needed. (The door was from floor to ceiling.) She laughed at me or really more like with me. I was quite the site with a dress on and my pants pulled down to my calves while still wearing my boots.
  • I made Chicken and Dumplings Wednesday night and have been eating the leftovers. It is one of my favorite winter meals.
  • I went in to Gap last night looking for a Christmas present for my niece. OH MY GOODNESS!! All I can say is it is a very good thing that I don't have a boy and a girl at home. I would have bought the whole store.
A few screenshots from their website to show you what I mean.
Fullscreen capture 11192010 85802 AM
The sequin bow shirt, the tulle skirt, the chunky cardigan, the corsage tee, the poms on the beanie--ah, I love it all.

I LOVE patterned tights on girls. The whole outfit is adorable.
Fullscreen capture 11192010 85625 AM

I love everything!
Fullscreen capture 11192010 85612 AM
Gap doesn't show a lot of their clothes on models, so the boy pictures are lacking. But look how cute the two boys in the bottom picture look!
Can I take that little girl in the peacoat home with me??

  • Did I say TGIF already?


  1. Oh my, that Gap stuff is super cute! I have a pair of Uggs on my Christmas list - I want the cardigan ones. Glad to hear you love yours so much!

  2. For real, I noticed the Gap stuff at the mall a week or two ago and I was so excited. That stuff was SO CUTE!

    I've watched Outsourced so far... I can't decide if I love it or hate it...

  3. I love Outsourced too! It's super funny but I missed the pilot which I'm dying to see.

    Also, the Uggs. I have tried to sleep in mine. They're so comfy. I wear them to do EVERYTHING and often in place of slippers. Last year I actually asked for a second paid (now I have one long and one short) from Santa and I am just as madly in love with them.

  4. chicken and dumplings are the BEST comfort food! i also agree that outsourced is hillarious. i laugh out loud so many times during that half hour!

    have a great weekend!

  5. I wish I had an excuse to buy Uggs! I used to think they were soo ugly until I tried them on and I realized why people like them.

  6. I have a 5 month old boy. Um, he, LITERALLY, has almost every single thing from Gap that they make in his size. (A lot of the stuff they only make in 1yr and up) I have a friend that works there so she gets 50% off, which is the only way I can afford it. Luckily, their boy selection is small. If I had a girl, I would be in trouble!

  7. GAP's kid clothes really are the cutest. When I have my own kids one day I will have to stay far, far away from there, because it will be bad for my wallet!

    Hope your weekend with your family has been fun!

  8. I put my Uggs on the minute I get home in the Fall / Winter! Usually with PJ shorts b/c I get too hot in Texas with pants on... then I'll inevitably take the trash out and a neighbor will catch me looking like someone lame off Laguna Beach. :(

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  10. I am addicted to Outsourced. I love my half hour every week where I just sit on the couch laughing. I do not know why more people do not love this show.


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