Wednesday, October 6

The Sights, the Sounds, the Smells

I love the state fair. It is such a festive time and there is always excitement in the air. Sadly, Ty and I have never made it to the state fair together. He has always been studying and the last two years he has been on a surgery rotation, which means he is constantly working.

This year, I took my Little Sister to Disney on Ice. My parents took my brother, sister and me several times growing up and I always remember it being magical.

H was very excited about riding the swings.
fair copy


fair 1 copy

After riding the swings several times and devouring a corn dog it was time for Disney on Ice!
I had randomly checked facebook earlier in the day, something that I rarely do, and saw that my cousin had posted that she was taking her son to Disney on Ice. She lives a little over an hour from me and it was so fun to be able to see her! Their seats were in the same area as ours and we even sat with them for the second half of the show.

My favorite characters: the pig from Toy Story and Lumiere the candelabra from Beauty and the Beast.
It was hard to snap pictures of the characters, because it was dark and smoky/foggy in the bldg.


After the show, H and I shared a funnel cake and then I took her home hyped up on sugar. haha.


  1. Awwh, I love that you did that with your Little Sister. How fun!

  2. I love Disney on Ice! I used to make my mom take me for my birthday every year!

  3. So sweet and fun!!!!! I know your little sister had a blast!!!!

  4. 1. Love your shots of the swings!

    2. Disney on Ice is so much fun! We tooky nieces a couple of years ago...I'm bummed they're too old for it now!

    3. I hardly check Facebook either, and my FB-addicted friends think I'm weird...guess they don't understand (the much more fulfilling) blog addiction.

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  6. I LOVE the fair. even though it's pretty expensive to go, it's one of the things I really enjoy.

  7. Wow, your seats were so good! I love Disney on Ice. :) If only I had a little one that I could take as an excuse to go!

  8. Great shots of the carousel!

  9. I love the 3rd pic of the swings! Is it weird to say the swings look pretty..ha!

  10. awww, how fun! that is so sweet of you, what a fun day :) your pics are so good and cute!

  11. Sounds fun! Love the shot under the swings! So beautiful and colorful!

  12. I'll be she had a great time! The fair is so much fun - especially because of the funnel cakes. Disney on Ice looks great, too!

  13. How fun! I wish I could have seen Disney on Ice when they were here! You're a great "Big Sis"!


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